What Should You Do After An Accident Due To Bad Tyres in UAE?

According to the UN-WHO statistics, Road accidents are the second major cause of deaths and this rate is increasing day-by-day. Even if you are an expert driver, you are still under the risk of an accident. This is why drivers are always requested to practice restraint in high speed traffic.

Last year, about 3,712 serious traffic accidents and 470 deaths were recorded. No one knows what’s going to happen next moment. In a blink of an eye, they can find themselves in a car accident. Accidents occur under different circumstances, whether it is your or the other drivers mistake.

It could happen because of poor driving, man-made obstructions, or the intervention of nature. According to statistics, one of the major reasons for accidents is bad quality tire. If you are looking for good quality tires in the UAE, you can check the brand varieties in Pitstop Arabia.

In any conditions, it is extremely stressful for many drivers to handle the situation. In case such incident happens, here are some tips you should follow to properly handle a situation and avoid costly catastrophes.

Step 1: Side Park Your Car

  • Being a part of an accident, you should stop your car in the safest place. Irrespective of the fact that you hit someone’s car or someone hit your car.
  • Don’t block traffic on the road. Motorists who obstruct traffic face penalties.
  • Turn on your hazard lights and get out of the car.
  • Check all the passengers in your vehicle and other vehicles are ok?

Step 2: Alert the Authorities

  • In the event of serious injury, you can get the police in Dubai and the northern emirates when you call 999. In the city of Abu Dhabi, you should dial 999 and ask to speak to the traffic police, SAAED officers. So. You can get the traffic police and ambulance.
  • Ensure that you have your driving license, car registration card, and Emirates passport.
  • You have to enter your details in which taking pictures of your damaged car are also mandatory. This process hardly takes three minutes to be done.
  • Don’t take pictures of people in the other car; be careful of it, or else, later on, it will cause serious legal problems for you.
  • Taking pictures of your damaged car is necessary because it will help authorities to assess the scene and identify the party at fault.

Step 3: Don’t Try To Escape From the Scene

If you face an accident with another car, don’t flee from the site of the accident. Driving away from the scene is illegal. If you do, you can end up with an AED 500 fine, six black points and confiscation of your vehicle for seven days.

When the police determine that you caused a serious injury and have driven away, then the punishment will be decided by the courts. You will receive black points, could be banned from driving your vehicle, and your vehicle could be confiscated for 60 days.

Step 4: Remain Calm and Receive the Police Report

  • It’s very common that a person who faces road accidents will be furious in the situation. In any circumstances don’t lose your temper and engage in an argument which causes bad results for you. If the other driver is yelling at you, remain calm and tell them when the police will arrive, they will take due actions.
  • When the police arrive, explain the whole accident scene calmly. Be respectful of police officers and other people involved in an accident.
  • After analyzing the investigation scene police will decide who is at fault? They will issue a police report.
  • The police report is the most important document in an accident situation. Without this, you can face serious problems, both legally and financially.
  • Police will issue copies of the report in different colours: Pink form is issued when it is the driver’s fault; Green form is issued to the innocent driver; White form is issued when neither party is at fault.

Step 5: Inform the Insurance Company

  • Call the insurance company and let them know that you have a car accident. Inform them that you have the Police Report and they should arrange collection of the car from said location.
  • The insurance company will advise you on what to do with the police report.
  • If it’s minor damage to your car, you can drive away from the scene. But if it contains large loss, and is unsafe to drive, your insurers will be obliged to send out a recovery truck to the nearest garage.


The first and foremost thing you must do is treat yourself and others involved with emergency first aid. Help yourself first, so you may be able to help others who might be hurt. Do not forget to collect all the bills. They will help you in filing a claim afterwards.