Betting Sites and Apps Launch Responsible Gambling Tools

No one should be left in a position whereby they could sign up to a betting site or betting app and not have access to a range of different responsible gambling tools, for those tools can and do help people help themselves when it comes to staying in control when betting online or via a mobile device.

One of the most popular tools of this type in the UK is definitely the GamStop service, an organisation that has been set up to offer a rather yet effective way for those of you out there that wish to give up gambling to at least start the ball rolling.

There are plenty of UK based and license gambling sites, as I am sure you are more than aware, however as the GamStop scheme only has those sites as their members, that does of course mean anybody that is on their self-exclusion register is not going to be blocked from opening an account at any sports betting sites not on GamStop.

That is one thing that the UK Gambling Commission fully understands, and they have been highly active recently in that regards. In fact, they have told each of their large and growing number of license holders they should and are required by law to make such tools available to their customers.

All such license holders have acted accordingly, and no matter at which of them you choose to register as a real money customer and gamble with, they are all going to be offering you a set of tools to allow you to set a range of different gambling limits on your accounts.

As for just what things you can set on your real money accounts, well first and foremost one that everybody who gambles online or on a mobile device should be making use of is the deposit limit option setting, as that way not only can you select a deposit limit but can also choose just how long it will be in place on your account for.

Another option that may be of interest to you is the take a break option, and by opting that option you can get your account locked, for any period of time, to allow you to step away from gambling.

GamStop Hails Their Self-Exclusion Register a Success

I want to move onto introducing you next to It is the GamStop service that I feel will be of great interest to many of you out there, and if you are blissfully unaware of what they have to offer then allow me to tell you.

A self-exclusion register is what they offer everyone, however, it does differ from all others for when you have signed up to their register, they give you details to all of the gambling sites operators which are part of that scheme, and for reference it is every single UK Gambling Commission licensed gambling site that are part of that scheme.

So, by adding your details onto their register you will find your account get closed at those sites and be aware that as part of their commitment to help you stop gambling each of those sites are going to block and ongoing attempt by you to open up a new account with them as that service offered by GamStop is completely free of charge too, you have no excuses not to sign up to it today and help yourself give up gambling.

Non UK Licensed Sportsbooks Need to Join GamStop

That is something you need to be fully aware of long before you start your journey to give up gambling for there are going to be some additional things you need to do to ensure that you are never going to be tempted at a later date to sign up to one of those betting and gambling sites.

What you do need to do is to download onto your computer, laptop, smart phone and even tablet device if you have one a gambling site blocker, that is a small piece of software that when installed on any of those devices then kicks in when you try and visit any gambling related websites.

It will instantly block you from accessing such sites, therefore completely removing the risk of you being tempted to sign up to any of them, make a deposit and gambling at such sites, so please do above everything else make sure you do utilize a gambling site blocker as soon as you can do, just to be on the safe side, and of course to help you kick the gambling habit.