Useful Pets Supplies That Pet Owners Should Buy

When it comes to pet supplies, many pet owners think of food, dishes, treats, and toys. On top of these basic pet supplies, there are a few more that pet owners should consider. These items include doggy diapers, pet pads, and supplements.

Every Dog Owner Needs a Few Cloth Diapers

Many pet owners do not realize how versatile dog diapers are. The cloth versions can be washed and reused, and are a great investment for anyone with dogs. One site that sells these doggy diapers is Cloth dog diapers are great for the following uses:

  • For dogs when they are in heat
  • For dogs that urinate when they get excited
  • For dogs with urinary and/or fecal incontinence
  • Spaying incontinence
  • For covering and protecting surgical wounds on a pet
  • For pets with a UTI
  • Gastrointestinal pet disorders
  • For pets suffering from paralysis
  • Preventing unwanted pet pregnancies
  • For postpartum dogs
  • To prevent accidents while traveling or staying in a hotel
  • When worried about medication side effects for the pup
  • During housetraining

One of the benefits of buying cloth diapers for dogs is that they can be used for years. They’re durable, and they come in many different sizes. These diapers can be a lifesaver when trying to potty train a pet, as it keeps those little accidents from getting on rugs, carpets, and furniture. Purchasing a pack of diapers can keep a homeowner from having to replace all of the carpets in the home.

Doggy Diapers Come in Assorted Colors and Look Cute

Not only are there many diaper sizes to choose from, but there are also different color options that can be purchased. Many pet owners buy one in every color so they can color coordinate with their four-legged loved ones. It’s also a good idea to have a few extra in case one is lost, or to use while the other diapers are in the washing machine.

On top of being useful, dog diapers look cute on pets. They have holes for the back legs, and a hole for the tail. They go on quickly, are designed to prevent leaks, and have Velcro around the waist for a perfect fit.

Pet Pads are a Great Investment for Pet Owners

Many people assume that pet pads are just for puppy urine accidents. The real truth is that pet pats have some other great uses that come in handy for all pet owners. Uses for pet pads include:

  • For use while house training dogs
  • As a lining for a pet crate
  • As a layer of protection for furniture
  • Whelping pads for mother and her puppies
  • Pads for pets with incontinence issues
  • Post-surgery pads
  • Under litter boxes to protect the floor
  • Under food and water bowls to absorb little spills
  • In areas where the pet likes to sit

Just as doggy diapers come in assorted sizes, pet pads also come in multiple size options. It’s a great idea to order more than one pet pad, so that they can be placed in multiple areas of the home and so that there are some extras when the dirty pads are being cleaned.

Reusable Pet Pads are a Smart Buy

When purchasing pet pads, look for the cloth reusable versions. The paper pads are one-time use only, and end up in the landfill. The cloth versions can be used for years, and pay for themselves in no time at all. When purchasing these pads, look for versions made with WickQuick proprietary fabric blends. They absorb liquids quickly and they can hold a lot more liquid than lower quality pads.

Encouraging Use of the Pet Pad

Many pet owners are curious as to how the pet will know to use the pet pad. Encourage pets to use pet pads by rewarding them when they use the pad. Another option to consider is spraying the pad with an attractant spray.

Cleaning Pet Pads

How does one clean a pet pad? Pet pads are made to be washed frequently. When it’s time for a cleaning, wash the pad in the washer. Make sure to avoid using softener and bleach, as these two items can make the pad less absorbent. Be sure to read the specific manufacturer instructions that come with the pad purchased, as different manufacturers may have different care instructions.

Supplements and Vitamins for Pets

Humans take supplements to stay healthy and treat certain conditions. Many pet owners are surprised to find out that supplements are available for their dogs. Common doggy supplements to consider for the four-legged family member include:

  • Allergy medicines for seasonal allergies and skin allergies
  • Supplements for bladders that help with infections and stones
  • Calming supplements to help with hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, and behavior
  • Glucosamine supplements for doggy hips and joint health
  • Dog Multivitamin supplements that help with everything from coat health to heart health
  • Probiotics and prebiotics supplements that help with doggy stomach issues and diarrhea
  • Omega 3 supplements for Dogs that encourage skin and coat health
  • Curcumin and turmeric supplements to help with inflammation

Soft Chewable Make Taking Supplements Easier

Many pet owners complain that it is almost impossible to get their dogs to take their supplements. Make the process easier by purchasing supplements in a soft chewable version. Dogs think they are eating a treat, and owners can feel good knowing that their pet is actually eating their vitamins and supplements.

The Size of the Pet Determines the Supplement Amount

Dogs come in different sizes, and larger dogs may need a larger dose of vitamins and supplements. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the supplement. For example, dosing instructions may be given based on weight. Tiny dogs may be instructed to take one dose, medium dogs meeting a certain weight may need two doses, and larger dogs over a specific weight may need three doses.

In conclusion, there are several pet products that should be considered by pet owners, on top of the basics. Example items include doggy diapers, pet pads, and supplements. Some of these products enrich pet health, while others save the home from the wear and tear involved in having a four-legged family member.

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