To international travellers, we present a new way to travel to Japan — JAPONISME virtual tours!

To international travellers, we present a new way to travel to Japan — JAPONISME virtual tours!

JAPONISME is a tour service that provides virtual tours that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as well as private in-person tours. Join our exciting tours hosted by an experienced and charismatic guide!

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JAPONISME is a tour brand that will refine your impressions of Japan by creating memorable experiences based on authenticity. Participants can join online tours from anywhere in the world, as we’ve aligned the main service of the company with our vision: “Voyage from anywhere.” We are proud to present our online tours “Japan Art Trip – Ukiyo-e -” and “Virtual Tour Japan – Takayama -.”

Our English-conducted tours aren’t limited to experienced international travel bugs. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who may have previously had to give up their dreams of exploring Japan. This includes people with health risks that prevent trips with long flights, parents with young children, or anyone who simply couldn’t take time off work. We welcome all to join our innovative tour and enjoy the new way of traveling while in the comfort of your couch or bed.

M&Company Representative Director Mika Shiraishi created JAPONISME to provide online guided tours for foreign travellers with various reasons preventing them from visiting Japan. As a professional government-licensed tour guide, Mika has guided more than 2,000 people from around the world. Her style of illustrating points is interactive and based on comparison with the background of her guests’ countries so that they can enrich their life through a meaningful travel experience. She has excellent reviews on her clear and interesting explanations and can provide all the answers to your questions about Japan.

The Tours

We currently have the following virtual tours.
*Tours are conducted in English only.
Japan Art Trip – Ukiyo-e –

Tour participants can learn how to enjoy viewing ukiyo-e art which makes this tour far more valuable than simply looking at ukiyo-e pieces in a museum. We use digital visuals and interactive explanations so our participants can appreciate ukiyo-e art.

A tour that approaches the history of ukiyo-e, a form of art that triggered the Japonisme movement across Europe during the late 1800s.  Established during the 250 years of closed borders in Japan, ukiyo-e depicts the everyday life of the common people, prominent Kabuki actors and popular landscapes. This tour goes far beyond a visit to a museum, as it provides comprehensive visual guides on how to understand the content of ukiyo-e.  Join this exciting virtual tour where you will travel to the past and discover the amazing world of ukiyo-e!

Virtual Tour Japan – Takayama –

A virtual tour taking you on a stroll through the city of Hida, Takayama.

A virtual tour of Hida, Takayama with specially crafted visuals to make you feel as if you’re walking its streets. Known as “Little Kyoto,” the historic city of Takayama is full of authentic culture and fascinating sites that will capture your attention, including the Takayama Festivals, Miyagawa Morning Market, Old Town and more. There are spectacular sights that are limited to this virtual tour where you can enjoy the seasonal events that happen throughout the year, all at once. Join this guided virtual tour to experience the best of Hida, Takayama.

Voyage from anywhere

We are currently in the process of adding two new exciting virtual tours, including “Virtual Tour Japan – Kyoto -” and “Virtual Sake Brewery Tour.”

JAPONISME provides a trip for you to feel and understand the true value of a local area. This experience used to be limited to those who could physically come to Japan, but now anyone from around the world can join us through a virtual tour.

”To have you truly experience Japan.”

“No matter if you join from far away or if we meet in person, we want your experience in Japan to be like no other that is authentic and will touch your heart.”

With these thoughts as our principle, we’ve named our tours “Japonisme.” Be inspired by Japanese culture just as ancient Western artists, such as Van Gogh or Monet, had in the past. We aim to cultivate a tour brand that will bring new values to your life.




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