Focus Performance: To Immunity and Beyond with Optimal Immune

There is nothing more alarming than a weakened immune system during these cold months. This is why Focus Performance unveils their latest, and timely product, Optimal Immune. This natural supplement contains an adaptogenic blend of medicinal plants, mushrooms and herbs which gives your body and mind the support needed to function sufficiently.

One of the main ingredients used is the Chaga Mushroom, also known as “Black Gold”. It is rich in antioxidants which improves the immune system and acts as a systemic anti-inflammatory. Chaga is also great for cardiovascular health and can also help prevent cancer.

“We have had our eye on this [sic] amazing medicinal mushrooms for years but it just lately gained popularity because of its benefits. This is because we have created Optimal Immune around the wonder that is the Chaga mushroom,” Scott Reid, Director of Focus Performance and 2 x Britain’s Strongest Man, explains.

All active ingredients of Optimal Immune along with Chaga mushrooms are classed as true adaptogens which work with your bodily systems to help optimise daily resilience towards all the stress this modern fast-paced world brings.

Not only does this natural supplement boost your immune system and support your digestive health. Due to the synergistic effect of the Phytosterols, Polysaccharides (Beta-D-Glucans and Alpha Glucans), SuperOxide Dismutase, Terpenoids, Triterpenes, Betulin and Betulinic Acid contained in these adaptogens, it can also help speed up recovery from exercise by reducing systemic inflammation, which in turn can help prevent or relieve the onset or symptoms of arthritic pain. These compounds have also been shown to prevent the risk of heart diseases, as well as boosting antioxidant levels throughout the body.

Optimal Immune is also rich in vitamin D which has been proven in numerous studies to boost our immune systems, helping to decrease susceptibility to illnesses and infection. It also contains a special combination of B-vitamins such as B2, B3, B6 and B12. These vitamins are vital for turning food into fuel, making vitamin B responsible for energy levels, brain function and metabolism, especially if an extra kick is needed.

Now that winter has arrived, it is essential to bring protection against viruses and the usual seasonal illnesses we deal with, to new heights. Even a simple cold can stop you in your tracks, especially if you are always on the go. Optimal Immune is here to help you push new limits and achieve your daily goals, ready to take on all challenges and charge forward in full gear.

“Optimal Immune is the product of hard work and meticulous attention to detail by industry leading experts. To have access to Optimal Immune and the peace of mind it brings me has proven to be invaluable to my training, work and everyday life,” says Reid.

You can get yours now for only £34.95, free of shipping or save 10% and boost your overall daily performance by purchasing Optimal Immune together with Optimal Mind, and Optimal Sport for only £94.36.

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About Focus Performance:
Established in 2013, Focus Performance provides health and sports supplements made of the finest quality ingredients to boost physical and mental optimisation. It is a brand that not only provides supplements for your overall health and performance but also a community that will help you push through your limits. We stand for you being the best athlete you can be.  It is not enough to just want success; you have to Stand Up and Fight for it.

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