Carbon Fiber Makes Your Product Prestigious

Carbon fibers have been around for a while now, and the continuous scientific research and their highly advantaged properties such as high stiffness, high tensile strength, high chemical resistivity, high thermal tolerance, yet low weight and low thermal expansion make them very useful and desirable to manufacture a plethora of products. The amount of effort and research that has to be invested in manufacturing carbon fiber products requires a high price to be conferred on them. Thereby making these products a kind of luxury. Here we give 5 examples of luxurious carbon fiber products.

Carbon Fiber Rings

Partly hand-made, partly automated, carbon fiber rings are completely made of aero-space grade carbon. Manufactured with the state-of-art equipment, the carbon is first cut and molded into a ring-like shape then polished with hand. Due to their simple, elegant, and classy black-grey look the rings are suitable for people of all tastes and genders. Apart from that, their light weightness, scratch resistance, metal free composition means that they do not cause any allergy or fatigue upon their wearers usually associated with different metal rings. Making them the ultimate luxury product. Depending on the intricateness, delicateness, and mastery of craftsmanship, these rings can cost up to approximately $20000.

Carbon Fiber Watches

Inspired to complement racing cars and fighting aircrafts, carbon fiber watches have an elegant, sleek, strong, sturdy, and masculine look generally. Infused with intricate Swiss clock machinery, they are water resistant, shock resistant, and photo-luminscent.  Their complete carbon fiber casing and strap make the wearer feel no weight, heat, or any kind of uncomfort which is usually associated with the metal or rubber watches. The light weightedness and high strength make them ideal for use in the risky environments, for pilots, military officers, divers, racers etc. Some of these watches can cost up to approximately $25000 proportionate to the sophistication of watch machinery, and the luxurious look it affords.

Carbon Fiber Shoe Heels

Like other industries carbon fiber has made its way into the fashion industry too, more so in the shoe industry. At first one cannot imagine the role which carbon fiber can play into a shoe. But the high strength, low weight, and high thermal tolerance make the carbon sheets the ideal candidate as the material for shoe sole and heel. In addition to an elegant, unique pattern and look, carbon fiber sheets would give the shoe light weightedness, improved balance, and ultra speed- adding to the luxury which is associated with shoes. The wearer of the shoe feels increased mobility, balance, and speed. Some of these shoes cost up to approximately $50000 depending on the elegance and quality that is invested in the shoemaking.

Carbon Fiber Spun Bench

As it looks like a large boa constrictor, the carbon fiber spun bench is also as strong as a constrictor. It is completely made out of carbon fiber and weighs less than 10 pounds, which is hard to believe but it is stronger than usual seats and sofas. What defies the normal sensibilities more is its hallowed inside, grey-meshed outer surface, making it an enigma. Originally designed by Danish designer Mathias Bengston, it was inspired by his brainchild: the spun chair, designed a decade ago. Essentially it is made out of 12 carbon fiber spun chairs weaved together to make one long bench. Some of the carbon fiber furniture costs upto $50000.

Carbon Fiber Cars

Ultra light-weight, elegant, sleek, and powerful, the carbon fiber cars contend for world’s fastest cars because of their ultra speed and sturdy bodies resistant to high air pressures.  The carbon fiber bodies carrying some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated car engines give them bird-like light-weightedness and control. Apart from that, the intricate and elegant pattern of carbon fiber sheets enhances the beauty of the cars. Some of these cars can already hit sonic speeds, making them one of the most expensive products in the world. Their production is scarce there by increasing their monetary worth. Some of these cars can cost upto $19 million, making them one of the most expensive items on the planet.

The carbon fiber composite has a capacity of resisting high temperatures of 70-1200c. When manufacturing structures using carbon fiber panels , they are required to undergo curing at a very high temperature to make them long term temperature resistance.

Almost anything that can be made from other materials can be made from the carbon fibers. There is no limit to the carbon fiber products and the level of elegance that can be achieved through them. As the scientific research continues, cheaper and more efficient methods of producing carbon fiber products will come onto the surface of industry techniques and practices, making the carbon fiber products more accessible, as well as more luxurious, since the details in the carbon fiber products could be enhanced to unfathomable degrees.