JPT Huizhou Industrial Park | Continuous Light Production Line

Building C of the JPT Huizhou Industrial Area is where their optical laser production takes place. Eight floors are in the building, each responsible for its distinct production operations. From materials inspection and storage to optical path, circuit, and testing, each production line assembly is located, right down to the delivery of the finished product. 

Operation instructions and quality control are maintained by each employee working within the business. Cleanliness is upheld to the highest possible degree for the assembly, installations, and performance testing involved in the pump, laser, and optical path. This demonstrates that top-level quality is a main priority at JPT. 

Cutting-edge pump source tools used by JPT enable thermal adjustments to be made where necessary, allowing products produced can be applied energy efficiently. This achieves energy saving and emission reduction in the actual use of laser machines. 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the laser in actual use, JPT also especially increased the application test of the product. 

JPT conducts the actual machine use test according to the power of each produced product to carry out the final check, especially the test on high-reflection materials, and tests each laser with the most stringent application requirements. 

The market requirements for laser products are ever-changing and growing. When aiming for the future, JPT plans to maintain relevancy and progress in the advancement of the tools, facilities, and equipment they use. Striving also to encourage energy-saving practices and a reduction in emissions being produced within the facilities, JPT seeks to provide top-quality production.