EZVIZ will kick off its hottest deals on some year-round smart home best-sellers

Limited-time discounts go up to 35%, and customers will not find a better time to stock on EZVIZ’s well-known, award-winning security cameras.


EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home security, is offering its Prime Day sales to homeowners looking for high quality smart home products. EZVIZ is cutting prices down heavily for a long list of indoor and outdoor home security cameras. Customers will find products that suit their needs at significant savings.


Prime Day takes place on July 12 and 13, 2022. This will be the best time to get EZVIZ cameras at great prices. For those who plan to travel during the summer vacation but need to know their home will be safe, EZVIZ offers simple, feature-packed solutions for both beginners and tech-savvies to level-up home security. In addition to 24/7 protection, homeowners can also see when their packages get delivered as well as stay connected to pets and family despite the distance.


The list below features some of the best deals. These and more can also be found on the EZVIZ Amazon Store.


For indoor care

A petite, palm-sized camera that fits your home style. If you need an extra eye on you kids and pets, just attach the BC2 to any magnetic surface or place on any level surface to start using. It gets all the basics right for protection and communications, including great video quality, two-way audio and human motion detection.


For outdoor protection

An extremely easy outdoor camera that requires zero wiring and zero subscription. You only need to recharge it every 210 days or simply connect it to the solar panel to keep it powered. It’s weatherproof and ready to go anywhere outdoors, and provides free data storage space to save human motion-triggered videos safely. 


A simple and reliable doorbell for easy front-door communications and extra home protection. Battery-powered to simplify the installation, the DB2 fits well with any home and lets you answer to visitors or delivered packages even when you’re far away. It comes with an ultra-wide 180-degree field-of-view and outstanding 2K resolution to help you see people from head to toe, and sends real-time human detection notifications to keep you informed on all activities.

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