Our Very Own, Lisa Pritchett/Presley/Utterback, The Villain You’d Never Expect

The year 2020 revealed many people’s true colors.  One may wonder how many people put two and two together about Country music singer, Amelia Presley’s, tell-all song “Harm Nobody Else” about the abuse she suffered as a child.
Headlines popped up everywhere, and spread like wild fire during Presley’s 2020 U.S. tour.  Headline verbiage may not have let citizens in other towns in on the secret, but Marion, Alabama and south Mississippi knew the horrid truth when they read the following:
Amelia Presley Digs Deep To Confront Her Abusive, Adoptive Mother On “Harm Nobody Else” – American Songwriter Magazine
Amelia Presley: Song of Hope From a Survivor Sheds Inspiration and Light on the Dark Face of Abuse – The Country Note
Amelia Presley’s Upcoming Single “Harm Nobody Else” is Her Own Story of Survival – Medium
Yes, small town girl, Lisa Pritchett originally of Marion, Alabama (known as Lisa Presley in Pascagoula, Mississippi; and Lisa Utterback in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Pensacola, Florida; and Fairhope, Alabama), had some less than favorable dirt spilled when the singer-songwriter decided to come forward with the monstrous details of what Lisa Pritchett/Presley/Utterback had done to her from the time Amelia Presley was only three years old.  The abuse was severely physical, emotional, and neglectful.  Yet, Presley never revealed these horrors until she was thirty years old; all in the name of healing and spreading awareness for child abuse victims.
Those who have known Lisa, have described her as a “very proper socialite and sweet teacher” (Ocean Springs, MS resident), and as a woman “[whom] would throw tantrums in public if she didn’t get her way” (Moss Point, MS resident).  It seems that she was great at hiding her true colors, until she was ‘crossed’ by a waiter, business owner, or child.
Amelia Presley’s music video for “Harm Nobody Else” will shock you, but her podcast entitled “The Insignificant Diary of a Burden Named Phoenix” will shock you even more.
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