Things to consider when choosing where to live in Qatar

Breath-taking skyscrapers, distinct traditions, and culture, warm climate that keeps people cosy throughout the year are the reasons why Qatar is an ideal place to live. The population of emigrants is more than that of the Qatari citizens. The increase in the number of expatriates in Qatar is due to the rising economy and excellent quality of education. It becomes even easier to find a stable place to live with the help of real estate agents in Qatar. This country is one of the safest places in the world with lesser crime rates, and the constant presence of police around all the cities makes people feel more protected. With the ever-increasing economic growth in the country, people thinking of moving to Qatar can prefer to live anywhere. Moving overseas for work, especially in Qatar, needs a lot of research and thinking as it will influence your way of living in the country in all regards. Adapting to their rules take time usually. When looking for properties in Qatar, it requires several criteria to tick off before finalising one place.

Essential criteria to look for before moving to Qatar


Moving along with a family to Qatar brings about a significant question regarding your children’s education. Many private schools provide the best education with many international curriculums and are quite expensive too. One thing to keep in mind while looking for schools in Qatar is to keep track of the applications. Some organisations provide educational allowances to their employees. Other budget-friendly schools will be a viable option. While hunting properties for rent in Qatar, the distance from home to schools should be kept in mind to ensure children’s safety, among other aspects. Districts like Al Gharaffa, Al Waab, West Bay, and many other cities have spacious villas and apartments with schools nearby. 

Access to world-class healthcare

Qatar is quite known for the importance it gives to healthcare to its citizens and expatriates. There are plenty of hospitals and healthcare centres around the country that are of great importance and can be reached easily through public and private transport. With cutting-edge technology, equipment and experienced doctors in private and public clinics, people of any nationality can easily access health care services. Qatari citizens usually are provided with a national health insurance scheme, while the emigrants can get personal health insurance from their employers or purchase one. 

Balancing the expenses

The cost of living in Qatar is usually high compared to other countries. Few places in Qatar provide affordable villas or apartments for rentals. Some cities offer modern homes with large spaces and spectacular views that are extravagant. Fuel costs, electricity, and water charges are relatively economical, which balances out the total cost of living. People can choose the city they wish to live according to their budget limits. Sea-side villas or budget-friendly homes, the options are abundant. In comparison, the quality of food and certain vegetables are much higher since they are mainly imported.

Distance from workplaceWhen you move to Qatar, the distance from your job is one of the essential requirements. Al Dafna, West Bay, The Pearl are some popular areas where spacious villas, studio, and serviced apartments are available and could be near your workplace. Sea-side villas or a cluster of skyscrapers, you can enjoy any view you fancy along with being close to your workplace. Most of the city roads tend to be packed with traffic with school-going children and other office goers. Although finding small apartments or independent villas nearby can be an exhausting task, it’s worth escaping the congestion and also saves more time.

Transport facilities

Private transportation is preferred most of the time. If you want to save time and money, public transport is the best way to travel in busy cities like Doha, The Pearl, etc. The popular modes of transportation are Metro, buses, and taxis. Public transport is reasonable and faster compared to self-driving. It can also come in handy to emigrants who have trouble acquiring a driving license in Qatar. 

Affordability and availability of rentals

Residential properties are easy to purchase in Qatar. With the emerging real-estate in Qatar, it has become simple for people to rent/ lease or buy an apartment or villas in any district or city. Qatar is often known for its lavish residences and villas. Many places would come under the category of pocket-friendly investments. Old Airport area, Al Thumama, Abu Hamour are some cities where cost-effective households are built, keeping sustainability in mind.

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