Today something remarkable has happened to the ocean, it now has a voice.

Today something remarkable has happened to the ocean, it now has a voice.

I say ‘the ocean’ as really it is just one great expanse of water, the only real Super Power on the planet.

Prior to man carving this expanse up, ultimately to divide and concur, creating areas that  are to be seen as other people’s or countries problems and ‘property, you couldn’t be further from the true.

The ocean doesn’t separate countries and continents, it joins them together creating an ‘aquatic bridge’ to use or enjoy.

The ocean is neither political nor religious, but it is alive and therefore finite.

The ocean provides us with oxygen and food in a real example of a circular economy, but mankind is interrupting that circle.

Speaking on behalf of the ocean in a language you may understand.

The fuel gauge is showing reserve, the power level is saying recharge and the temperature gauge is rising-  if it was your car you would act !

In my capacity as newly appointed 2021 Chief of Ocean World Peace Ambassador,

None of us wants to see fishermen fighting over catches; Navy’s setting sail to war or an increase in privateering.

For years the ocean has been used as a battle ground to express dominance and right or wrong the side with more money tends to win.

Although the WPT organisation is a family dedicated to finding world peace through forgiveness, resolution, conflict avoidance and using prediction as tool to identify potential conflicts ahead, the flip side of that coin is the ocean now has a voice, political power, legal counsel and money behind it.

Whilst I would ask the World leaders to commit to the commitments they agreed to, signed up to and further ratified. I want to work in harmony with peaceful bilateral agreements and join Governments together sharing a common interest – The Ocean

I fervently hope that putting right the atrocities witnessed through years of ocean neglect and abuse will stop future conflicts unfolding.

Whilst my job as Global Operations Director for TEAA involves  capturing  waste before it enters the oceans and as Chairman for Ocean Resource Management capturing entangled marine life whilst extracting ocean waste, my job here ‘digitally’ is to capture your imagination for a clean, battle free, ocean with an abundance of healthy and expanding marine life.

I hope you will join me in my mission

Paul Manning

2021 Appointed – Chief of Oceans  World Peace Ambassador.