Facebook Refuses Ads for Novel About Social Media Creating a Socialist California

Facebook Refuses Ads for Novel About Social Media Creating a Socialist California

California novelist Peter Mackeonis today announced that Facebook has for the third time refused to accept ads for his social media political novel, A CALIFORNIA COUP, due to the new ‘contravention of community standards.’ And, he suggests that everyone takes a holiday from Facebook until the social media company stops acting like the fictitious social media gate-keeper in his book, censoring content to its 3+ billion global membership.

Mackeonis’ 3-part novel, the 150,000 word A CALIFORNIA COUP, chronicles the rise and fall of Zen Corp., the US government-funded, global social media gorgon that spies on the American people, in exchange for the marketing rights to the data collected. Following a dispute, ZEN breaks away from Homeland Security’s control and works with California’s socialist governor to revolutionize society by introducing a Universal Living Wage, privatizing state services, and housing the homeless in repurposed school buildings to use them as guinea pigs for new drugs and products.

Mackeonis commented, “In 2018 and 2019 Facebook had no problem accepting my paid ads for FREEFALL and CALIFORINIA 20/20, the first and second parts of A CALIFORNIA COUP trilogy. However, when I added the final act of WE ACT, BUT WE DO NO HARM, which chronicles Zen’s CEO plan to create the ultimate socialist Californian society – and I then published all three works together as A CALIFORNIA COUP – it suddenly was deemed as going against ‘community standards.’ Mackeonis concluded, “Perhaps, A CALIFORNIA COUP is too close to the real-life political agenda of the social media conglomerates.”

Facebook’s decision not to allow Mackeonis to advertise A CALIFORNIA COUP was unexpected, but then research showed him to what extent Silicon Valley has bought position and influence throughout the news industry. Research shows that 90% of American’s news media is controlled by only six corporations, with Facebook and Google being two of the players.

Mackeonis doesn’t expect that his book will be of interest to any online news outlets either, as the ‘cancel culture’ seems to be in lock-step, well-illustrated by Facebook paying once neutral NPR for a daily supply of ‘live’ videos and their sponsorship of the supposed ‘fair and balanced’ PBS News Hour; Google News Initiative has partnered with The New York TimesThe Guardian and The Washington Post and created MediaWise, the digital media literacy initiative that teaches Americans of all ages how to sort ‘fact from fiction,’ online, and Verizon Media’s YAHOO Medical Editor, with an agenda that excludes any opposing voices and a regular contributor to the BBC World News.

A CALIFORNIA COUP eBook is available at AMAZON for $5.95

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