UK Author Tackles Taboo with Candid Retelling of Personal Abuse Story

Local Coventry author and survivor Anu Verma is tackling the taboo of abuse and sexual assault by sharing her real-life experiences in her new therapeutic memoir, Victim 2 Victor. A true story of pain, abuse, healing, self-exploration and growth, Anu’s retelling of her childhood, and journey through healing, acts as an open invitation for others to share their own stories, talk about life, and ultimately banish the stigma of abuse and trauma.

Article published in The Coventry Telegraph on 25th January 2021:

Suffering abuse from an early age, Anu has struggled through periods of post-traumatic stress, resulting in the formation of unhealthy relationships, a loss of identity and self-worth, and attempts to take her life. Now a happy and healthy Reiki master and emotional freedom therapist, Victim 2 Victor highlights Anu’s transformation, with the author using her own personal experiences and journey to wellness to help others in similar situations. Growing up in an Indian household, Anu’s journey is particularly noteworthy for its candid representation of taboo subjects in Asian communities.

“Reports suggest that here in England, 7.5% of adults have suffered from sexual assault as children, and while we are definitely heading in the right direction in terms of promoting the importance of communication and mental health in the UK, Asian communities are very much lagging behind. Abuse and assault are still considered to be something that must be swept under the rug and never spoken about,” says Author, Anu Verma.

“I’m fortunate to be a survivor, but without the right support, without the ability to talk about what society deems to be taboo, I know that not everyone will be as lucky. That’s why I’m sharing my story, proving that, no matter what, it is possible to emerge on the other side”

Victim 2 Victor is an intense, eye opening, inspirational, honest, and at times painful real-life story of abuse. Rooted in the vital importance of identity, sexuality, and self-worth, Anu uses the publication as a channel to share her own healing techniques, enabling readers to better understand the reasons they hurt, and how to move forward from a painful past in a healthy way.

Launched on 1st October 2020, Victim 2 Victor can be ordered directly from Amazon: 


Victim 2 Victor is an inspirational real-life story that examines the path from trauma to triumph, through a life lived without apology. There is warmth behind the passion and mistakes. This candid and honest memoir presents the hidden meanings behind the tragic events that have shaped a beautiful and resilient life. It is aimed at readers who may have suffered abuse in a similar way, and for those who want to embark on a healthy path to healing.


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