Crypto-Uppy Dashboards, a 1,000-NFT Project Aimed at Crypto Investors and Soccer Fans

The new NFT project by UK company G Com Solutions Limited is one of a new wave of NFT collections in which all the NFTs contain animation. (Traditionally, animation was reserved for only the super rare NFTs within a collection.)

G Com Solutions Crypto-Uppy Dashboards is an NFT project which combines data visualization with a classic NFT character.  Each dashboard features a summary of the price fluctuations of a major crypto currency on a single day. The dashboard shows high, low, open, close and volume, as well 24-hour chart and a second chart showing the seven-day trend.

Next to the charts is a Crypto-Uppy animal investor character (bull, bear, whale, rabbit, tortoise, etc.) doing keepy-uppy with a ball carrying the logo of the cryptocurrency featured on the dashboard.

G Com Solutions are business intelligence consultants who specialize in helping clients derive actionable insights from their business data. In entering the NFT space, they are looking to add utility to their projects by incorporating factual data in the form of dashboards and other data visualizations. They see themselves as joining an NFT environment in which a readjustment is taking place and where buyers are willing to consider different and new types of NFT.

This from their spokesperson: “The Crypto-Uppy NFTs are aimed squarely at crypto investors, particular those who have a fondness for particular cryptocurrencies and who support a football team. We hope that some people may even buy them as a kind of good luck charm.”

There will be 1,000 NFTs in the initial release, followed by subsequent monthly releases featuring new cryptocurrencies and new NFT characters.

The NFTs will be available on Opensea and on the G Com Solutions website.

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