espresso book launch : ‘a treasure trove’

 espresso launch

Arthur & Moose will publish espresso, a series of forty-five non-fiction micro-essays by Orlando Kimber, as an ebook on 15th September, and as a paperback two weeks later on 1st October.

The book is a collection of short, entertaining and thought-provoking essays on leadership, finance, politics, work life, home, health, the environment, science and technology, culture, and international affairs. 

Advance reader comments include:

‘Crisp, refreshing and thought-provoking.’

‘A treasure trove of erudite, eccentric, nourishing and highly engaging short think-pieces.’

‘Recommended on wellness grounds!’

Orlando has worked as both a journalist and an adviser to companies worldwide. During the last twenty years, he’s been at the forefront of the digital revolution worldwide; including the launch of the internet in Europe, the BBC’s transition to digital tv, and Europe-wide online music services. 

‘I’ve learned that the key to healthy and contented organizations – large or small – is ethical behaviour; treating other people as you wish to be treated yourself,’ says Orlando. ‘In the light of this, I’m interested in exploring whether our current culture serves human happiness, or something else. It’s a fascinating journey, often into uncharted territory.’

‘We travel through such confusing times with CoViD lockdowns, recession, and threats to our livelihoods, whilst climate change challenges our existence on earth. Populist leaders say whatever they think we want to hear, and it’s hard to discern the truth when there is so much noise. This causes doubt, worry, distrust and fear. We need the certainty and clarity of facts and good ethics offered in espresso. I hope the result, like a good cup of coffee, is both invigorating and comforting.’ 


Note for editors:

Orlando is also the author of the novel FIGHTBACK, released August 2021, and hosts the Good Company podcast focussing on secular ethics in business.

To request a copy of either espresso or FIGHTBACK, or to arrange an interview, please contact the author directly on or 07976 818874.

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