Articles | 5 easy side hustles and where to find your first job

The economy is looking downcast and the cost of living rising in an unprecedented manner. Many are looking to set up a side hustle to financially cope but don’t always know where to start.  Here a few recommendation for alternative income streams and best platform to find work.


If you were a bit of a star back at school and still have a good grasp of GCSE or A levels subjects, passing your knowledge to those who’re about to take these exams is a great way of earning extra cash on the side.

Websites like Tutorful or MyTutor are two of many teaching platforms that you can apply to for free. Be aware that they have quality standards and are likely to ask for your credentials before you can pitch for the first job.

Let a room

With website such as SpareRoom you can let a spare room in your home on almost any basis you like – short term, long term, certain days only.

If you are thinking you don’t have the space, consider converting your living room into a a spare bedroom. You could also offer your own bedroom and use the sofbed in your living room for a few days a week. With the rise of homeworking and the cost of travel, many who still have to make appearance in the office but have a long commute, like the option to stay in town.


Many business owners who have a website struggle to keep their content fresh and up to date. Whatever your expertise you’re bound to find a business that fits your knowledge and you can confidently write about the product or service.

There are a couple of routes to finding a job. Rather trying to contact website owner one by one, zoom in on a digital marketing or an SEO consultant agency which is likely to have several clients on their books. They often work with freelancers.

Alternatively there are platforms like YunoJuno which specialises in creative freelancers and its clients are some of the biggest brands.

Use your creative talent

If you have a particularly creative streak and would like to do more with that then Creative Commission is where you can convert your music, dance, illustration, and other talents into a job.

Dog walking

Many have added a new family member during Covid and that’s resulted in a real shortage of dog walkers and sitters as employers decided that staff is to come back to the office.

Finding the first job should be relatively easy. The best option are your local Facebok groups.  Then there are plenty of dog walking platforms such as WeLovePets which takes a more professional approach to offering dog walking services.

Get insurance

As a freelancer you can’t afford to put a foot wrong because there is no employee safety net. Whichever side hustle you decide to go with, make sure you protect yourself with liability insurance for freelancers.

Something things between your client and you go wrong. Most of the time a bit of charm and negotiations sort the problem out but if the matter spins out of control, you want to have a back up plan.