Scotland Gets Greener! ESE Group open second office in Edinburgh

Scotland Gets Greener! ESE Group open second office in Edinburgh.
After an incredibly successful year, ESE Group have recently branched out to Scotland where they have opened their second office. They are one of Britain’s largest suppliers of green energy solutions, working with an extensive portfolio of domestic clients and corporate organisations.

Their expert team are at the cutting-edge of renewable technology in the UK, offering everything from design and installation to cost-effective maintenance packages for major green energy projects. Their current focus lies with solar maintenance, battery storage, and EV chargers to launch very soon.

This news comes amid a green overhaul of the economy worth £175bn, and is set to generate 100,000 new jobs, according to a major report from an influential think tank. This investment just goes to show how passionate Scotland is about renewables & green energy in tackling climate change.

A message from CEO Gary Fredson
“ESE has had a record-breaking year in 2020 despite the pandemic. In contrast to many businesses who have had to face letting members go during this difficult time, our team has grown by 30%. Our customer base has exploded up and down the country and we’ve noticed an especially big increase in Scotland which is why we have decided to make our mark in the heart of the Scottish Capital.”

“Our track record is unrivalled. Not only does our work make homes and workplaces more energy efficient, but we also help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and save them money. We are also proudly doing our bit to tackle climate change and save the planet. The time to act is now, we all have a duty of care to do our bit for the environment so future generations have the best chances possible.”

This is incredible news for Edinburgh amid the government’s call for the UK to join in the Green Revolution. Renewables have never been so accessible and with the current economic climate, it makes sense to use energy in the most cost-effective way while also helping the environment.

Where are they located? Residing on the popular Rose Street, right in the heart of Edinburgh! This hot spot gives ESE Group a stronger reach to its customers across Scotland.

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