The MVMNT Box launches as your one stop shop for fitness

With so much choice out there, many of us don’t really know what we need to keep fit. The MVMNT box was launched for that very reason. Providing you will all the essential ingredients to work out effectively in the comfort of your own home. With workout’s designed by personal trainers which are proven to work.

There is so much misleading information out there, multiple diets available online and new fitness programs trending on social media, all claiming noticeable results, fast. The truth is, moving your body, maintaining your wellbeing and following a balanced diet is all you need for success.

Personal Trainer Sam Bennett noticed many of his clients and friends had divulged in these trends without noticing any results. 2020 pushed society into a new way of living, and staying fit was not only keeping people busy but helping with mental health. So Sam decided to launch ‘The MVMNT Box’, an all in one solution that allows you to workout anywhere, with programs which are tried and tested.

The story started in November 2020, the pandemic was already 8 months deep and many of Sam’s clients were struggling to find home fitness equipment to complement their training sessions, whilst gyms were shut and many of the apps available required using multiple pieces of costly equipment.

The MVMNT box was created to solve this issue, providing an all-encompassing fitness solution at a cost effective price.

Co-founder Sam said “When gym’s shut, the whole fitness world went crazy, equipment was inflated to ridiculous prices and every influencer on social media became an online personal ‘trainer’. The truth is, understanding how the body works and to get the most out of training takes years of learning and applying. We designed The MVMNT Box to break down those barriers and cater for everyone, focussing on full body workouts that are proven to work and aren’t priced out of reach.”

The box comprises of a resistance tube set up with anchor accessories, a set of booty resistance bands, a sports towel (incorporated into mobility exercises) and a workout booklet. With every box purchased, the individual will also have exclusive access to our online ‘the training room’, a library of over 100+ exercises, nutritional tips and more.

The dramatic change to the fitness industry is clear and has been accelerated by the pandemic, so we must adapt too, without compromising on the health and wellbeing of our people.

The MVMNT Box. Helping the nation to become Happier, Healthier, Fitter, Stronger.

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