Make It Personal: Customizing Everyday Items

Have you ever tried to find a special gift for the person who already seems to have everything? It can be tough. You want it to be special, memorable, and capture all of the specialness intended with the gift. Or perhaps you enjoy being the proud owner of something that is not a cookie-cutter copy that everyone already has. Both of these are good examples of ways that personalized items can satisfy even the pickiest person.

There are so many people out there who are working on the personalization of goods. Tools and machines, once only affordable to factories, are now sitting in home craft rooms. For personalized and well-designed custom products, you can refer to and, almost any item can be personalized and styled to speak to individual tastes and preferences. Take a look at some of the many things that can be personalized.


Apparel is an obvious first choice. Personalized clothing has been around as long as we’ve had needles and thread. What started with embroidered monograms is now just another available to anyone. There are so many different ways to personalize clothing. You can sew, paint, iron-on, or simply log in to a website that can create an article of clothing with any picture or text you desire.

Personalized shirts are great for group events. If you are ordering the shirts online, you can expect to spend the most on smaller orders. Consider matching shirts for the next family reunion, team project, school club, or to unify a family. Many families enjoy matching tops for holidays or wearing out when visiting amusement parks or other large public venues.


Jewelry, as you already know, is an extremely personal item already. Unless you know someone and their tastes well, it’s not an easy task to pick the right piece. A piece of jewelry with an initial, a name, or a short message will most likely be more successful. Jewelry is an extremely popular kind of personalized item.

Necklaces with an initial are super easy to find. You may discover about any size, font, and aesthetic. It may be slightly harder to find a full name on a necklace, but there are lots of jewelry crafters out there who can happily accommodate almost any name. This is great news for those who have uncommon names or atypical spellings.

You may think that the size of an earring would limit how much personalization is available. Could earrings support more than a single letter initial? Can you get personalized earrings? Well, of course you can. If you’d like to keep the earring size to a certain measurement, you can just use a smaller size of letters. They can be studs, long and dangling, or charms attached to base or hoop.

And don’t forget about the guys. One special accessory that most men will have, even if they don’t get a chance to wear very often, is cuff links. An initial or monogram engraved into a set of cuff links can become a great gift idea.

Home Décor

Again, while we may not realize it, personalized home décor has been around for a long time. Think of family tapestries and cross-stitched wall art. The methods of production have changed, but the idea is not new. Now we see an interest in cheese boards or welcome mats with the family name. You might see personalized wall art honoring the name of the child whose room it’s in.

There are many ways to customize and personalize home décor items that go beyond the use of names. You can personalize as a way of capturing the memories of past travels. You might capture an heirloom family recipe on a cutting board. Perhaps even have pillows made from favorite photographs.

Holiday Ornaments

Every year as the holidays get close, you’ll find a cart of ornaments in the middle of the mall hallway offering ornaments that available for customization with the names of the family members. Instantly, you have a personalized ornament representing your family as reindeer or snowmen. The ornament captures a snapshot of the family for that particular year.

Many people enjoy commemorating life events with their choice of Christmas ornaments. Special occasion ornaments, such as a wedding, first home, or new baby. You can even opt for a generic ornament and personalize it with whatever event you want to memorialize.

And, while we’re on the Holiday subject, putting names on stockings is one of the most obvious presentations of customized items. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that old stocking with the name drawn in glue and covered with glitter with a stocking done professionally. The chances of losing a letter over time go down significantly when made by someone specializing in individualized stockings. And it’ll look much cuter in the photos.

Mugs and Stemware

This is a fun way to add a personal touch to housewares, which are often used daily. A personalized mug, glass, or water bottle is a great way to make an everyday item special, and it serves the extra function of ensuring that there’s no confusion as to whom the cup belongs to. Any place where people congregate will eventually end up with a slew of unclaimed water bottles. Identifying the bottle’s owner allows it to be successfully returned quickly.

The etching of wine glasses, particularly for a wedding, has a long history. These personalized novelties are often used during the wedding reception and kept for many years as souvenirs of the special day. The glasses will typically feature the names of the newlyweds as well as the date of the event. This can prove very beneficial should one of them have trouble remembering the date of the anniversary.

Children’s Items

There are so many things that a child would be thrilled to see with their name on it. There’s no shortage of items that can be made super special to the young by customizing them specifically for the owner. One common item that is frequently labeled is a school backpack. However, it’s suggested that it may be a safety concern to have a child’s first name on the bag for all passers-by to see. For a backpack or purse, it is advised to stick with initials so anyone with ill-intent will not be able to claim familiarity with the child.

It’s become popular in recent years to have the name or a cartooned version of the child incorporated into a children’s storybook. This can be very special for the child to see themselves as a character in a book, a privilege that few people ever have the opportunity to experience.

Another option for personalizing items that a young person might commonly use and appreciated is a journal or sketchpad. Many of these types of items will offer a designated place to print in the owner’s name. Having the name embossed or printed onto the pad will have a very polished and professional result that will undoubtedly help the youth feel that it is a special notebook.

For the even younger recipients, you can find baby blankets, clothing, wall art, and toys on the market to capture the infant’s name. These special items will often get used and frequently become the keepsakes that the parents treasure when the little one is too big to enjoy.

Personalized For Pets

There are many ways to celebrate a beloved pet by adding its name to a food bowl, bedding, decorative items, or as most pet owners have done for decades, to its collar. A personalized pet product is a cute way to show how beloved that furball is in the family.

In addition to the items that can be personalized for the pet, there are also many options of items that can feature the pet for the pet owner’s enjoyment. Remember the famous “Dogs Playing Poker” painting popularized in the 70s? Now many pet owners are having fun having their pets personified in a variety of poses and costumes.

Party Favors

It’s customary for a party host to prepare some type of favor to send home with guests. It becomes a personalized keepsake of the event as a way of thanking the guests for their attendance. These custom-made favors are most common for wedding and birthday parties but can be done for any event. Some of the most popular choices are personalized chocolate bar wrappers, water/wine bottle labels, small candles, or drink coasters.

And Many More

One such personalized gift that seems to have taken off over the last couple of years is socks. Odd as it may sound, having a picture of someone made into a print to make a pair of custom socks is a fun way to take a very ordinary item and make it fun and special.

With the rise of so many items available for personalization, you are sure to find an idea for ways to take every day, generic items into a special realm by adding the name or personalized details to make the item unique. Because they are unique, they are special. Special items have a way of making the owner feel special. After all, it’s not everyone who has a pair of socks with their dog on them.

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