7 Easy Ways for Creating PR Hooks

Even in large companies, such as Netflix or National Casino news stories have an unpleasant tendency to end. How do you create interesting news that will be discussed and reposted if, at first glance, there are no prerequisites for it? These easy ways will be helpful.

Newsjacking: Hooks Based on Other People’s News

The method of creating a hook, known as newsjacking, is becoming increasingly popular among PR people. The idea is this: in order to create a newsbreak, you need to find a prominent event and link your news to it.

Monitor daily news, current trends, keep an eye on Influencers and competitors. Focus on your target audience, study what these people like, comment on, and repost most often. Some infotrends literally come out of thin air, but there are more predictable options for timing your news: holidays, community events, premieres, or the start of a season.

When using newsjacking, there are a few important rules to follow:

  • Be prompt. No one is interested in your message if it comes a few days after the event, when the newsbreak is already stale.
  • Avoid intrusive advertising. Your audience instantly “reads” blatant manipulation, and usually treats it negatively. You will have to be creative to make the news a natural part of the trend or event.
  • Maintain an accepted style of communication with the audience. The infotainment should be relevant, but it cannot destroy the tone of communication you once chose with your readers.
  • Be careful with risky topics such as disasters, natural disasters, epidemics, etc. If you don’t know how to properly integrate your news into such stories, don’t do it at all.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others. Look at your competitors. There is a high probability that they have already beaten the current trend and posted their content. Analyze the style of presentation of the infographic, the audience engagement, read the comments.

Research, Polls, Forecasts: Hooks Based on Your Own Analysis

Research, surveys, forecasts, fact sets will always be in demand among readers. Creating a newsbreak based on analytics, the main thing is to remember that the information can not be superficial, approximate or unreliable. If you are not sure of the numbers, it is better to refuse to disclose information.

Also use forecasts as an information source. Your company has expertise in a particular field, share it. For example, you work in the financial market. Ask your manager to make a prediction about the currency or stock quotes. Such a hook will be particularly relevant in times of crisis, or if at the moment there are some disasters in your market.

Appointments and Anniversaries: Official Hooks

Appointments, anniversaries are hooks that you don’t even need to make up. Any personnel reshuffle is a great excuse to discuss the background, regalia, and prospects of a new employee.

And by the anniversary you can timed promotions, special offers, arrange an interview with the management in the media. Win-win theme is a holiday event for employees and their children. By the way, for such holidays, it is quite appropriate to invite journalists. Photos and videos from events can then be posted on social networks, or company blog.

Controversy: Hooks for Discussion

Publish an open letter, engage in controversy, make a protest. So, you can also create a newsbreak. These days, every day, you can find a controversy on one topic or another on social networks. You, too, can enter the debate if you think you have something to say.

But of course, this is a double-edged sword. You need to be prepared for negativity, and think in advance about how you will respond to it. One casually thrown comment can seriously damage your reputation.

Contests: Creative Hooks

Another way to create a hook is to hold a contest. If the format of the contest is interesting and the reward is worthy or maybe funny, the event is sure to attract an audience. Besides, contests are always a hit on social networks and get a good viral effect. Thus, you can not only interest the media, but also pump up your pages in social networks.

Interview With a Famous Person: Hooks With Stars

A media personality is already an infotainment in itself. If your company has one, you are in luck. Come up with a relevant occasion and offer the media an interview with this person. And in order to avoid surprises, first research how to properly prepare for the interview.

Excursions: Hooks With a Departure

Reporting has always been in the reader’s esteem. It’s not surprising at all, because everyone wants to peek through the keyhole at what’s usually hidden.

Let a journalist into your inner kitchen. For example, give him or her a tour of your company, for example. You can even take him to the fields and show him how the rye is being threshed, if your company grows it, of course. It is important that the journalist is given the opportunity not only to see everything, but also to talk to employees of different ranks, from management to ordinary workers.