6 Ideas for the Most Epic Antarctic Escapades

There is not much that compares to traveling to a completely new, freezing cold, adrenaline pumping, experience filled location like the Antarctic. If you’re ready to test your limits in the most amazingly frigid way, grab your parka because epic escapades on an Antarctica cruise to the polar regions await!

  1. Trek Snow Hill Island

Bundle up for a beautiful but bitterly cold trek only a handful of travelers have done before. Temperatures may drop as low as -76 Fahrenheit on your trekking tour of Snow Hill Island, but there’s a good reason, actually 10,000 reasons, to brave the harsh elements of this remote snowy terrain. The cold will become secondary when you reach the treasure of your trek and find yourself among 4,000 breeding Emperor penguins and their adorably fluffy offspring.

  1. WitnessGlacier Calving in Neko Harbour

Visit Neko Harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula for the most ultimate way to turn observing giant glaciers into an unforgettable experience. You won’t believe your eyes as large chunks of ice break off the glaciers and crash with a thunderous splash into the harbour below. One thing is certain, witnessing glacier calving up close is a visual sensation that will shake you to your core!

  1. Cross the Antarctic Circle

A milestone only a few have ever achieved, cruise south of the Equator to the Antarctic Circle. Celebrate with a champagne toast as you reach the northernmost latitude in the southern hemisphere, where the center of the sun can stay above the horizon for a continuous 24-hours.

  1. Explore a “Zoo Without Fences” in Gold Harbour

Make your way across the coastline beaches of Gold Harbour of South Georgia Island for an unforgettable wildlife experience. This breathtaking location is described as a zoo without fences that is home to magnificent wildlife inhabitants, such as:

  • 25,000 pairs of breeding King penguins
  • Approximately 500 Gentoo penguins
  • Hundreds of Elephant seals, and
  • Light-mantled sooty albatross

Bird enthusiasts might even get the chance to watch the light-mantled sooty albatross courtship dance at the cliffs near Gold Head!

  1. Pay Homage to Sir Ernest Shackleton

Any lover of adventure and exploration that makes a trip to the Antarctic should include a visit to South Georgia Islands Grytviken graveyard, the burial place of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic’s most famous explorer. Afterall, Antarctic exploration may not exist without his footsteps to follow.

  1. Stroll White Sandy Beaches in the Sub-Antarctic

That’s right, believe it or not, the Falkland Islands have numerous beaches for visitors to enjoy. You may want to leave the swimsuit behind, unless you’re in the mood for a polar plunge, because these white sandy shorelines make for an unconventional day at the beach. Nonetheless, visitors should make sure to include a day at these beaches to their travel itinerary:

  • Elephant Beach, a 4-mile stretch frequented by dolphins
  • Volunteer Beach, this 2-mile stretch is home to the largest colony of King penguins in the Falkland Islands

Now the only question is, which Antarctic escapade will you choose to do first?