Top 5 Catamaran Destinations

When the holiday approaches, there are many destinations and different ways of traveling that you may choose. In the last few decades, an option for a catamaran charter has seemed like a very adventurous and exclusive method that you could apply during your vacation. There are several issues to consider when deciding to undertake this sea journey because you would like to enjoy your stay on board while at the same time exploring the destinations and experiencing the trips. Furthermore, you need to be familiar with the distinct modes of your vessel and its characteristics when it comes to a charter.

What are the catamarans?

This type of vessel is a sailing boat consisting of two hulls connected by a deck. Initially, these types of boats were created for fishing because of their speed, acceleration, maneuverability, and stability. Throughout the years, the outline of the catamarans has evolved in terms of increased interior space. Inside, they are settled in saloons and cabins. Thus, it is already considered a very useful and conventional watercraft. You could also sail over an ocean on a world sea tour. The spaciousness of catamarans is assumed to make them the best choice for a sailing vacation.

Advantages of chartering the catamarans

Here are several benefits that you could gain when you hire a catamaran for your holidays:

  • Stability — they provide smooth moving and will protect you from sea sickness;
  • Features — Wi-Fi, air-conditioner, coffee-maker, cockpit cushion and other equipment for the different needs and pockets;
  • Spaciousness — bigger inside and outside area with cabins and enough space for your vacations;
  • Maneuverability — the two hulls are driven by two engines;
  • Time-bound — the sailing time is less than the monohull boat.

Some of these vessels require a license, otherwise, you need to look for a skipper.

Destinations for sailing with catamarans

There are many world-famous places that you could visit with such a vessel. The most exotic places such as the islands provide the adventure of navigating around with such a craft. Due to the stability, you could explore the Oceanic part of the world. The exotic destinations are also highly-recommended when you plan to charter a catamaran. The isles that are within the depth of the endless sea space, are also very attractive to view. However, the equipment is extremely important and the serviceability of the catamarans should be taken under testing by the company you would like to choose.

Charter to Cuba

One of the most exotic locations worldwide is Cuba, located in the Caribbean Sea. Thus, it places within the top five destinations when you can apply for the sea adventure by renting a catamaran. With its coral reefs and atolls, the country is naturally blessed with outstanding scenery. Once you charter your boat, you receive the opportunity to view the amazing town of Cienfuegos, which is close to the capital Havana. The coast provides a lot of particular elements, typical for the culture, such as coconut pals, Caribbean rums, and marine species.

Charter to Saint Maarten

The island is famous for its amazing nightlife and fascinating shores. This is considered one of the best places for holidays in the world. Throughout the last two decades, it has evolved into the most preferable yachting spot for the most luxurious catamarans on Earth. The infrastructure allows you to dive into a developed society and at the same time enjoy the nature of the island. The structure of the isle permits you to explore the newly built facilities and also to grab the best moments during your sailing. The two major languages are Dutch and English because it was a colony of the Netherlands.

British Virgin Islands

The most expensive sailing destinations in the world require serious finances. This place is considered such because of its luxurious hotels and other facilities that are available at an hourly rate. The prices of the catamarans’ charters do not vary from low to high because this island is worth every cent spent. Furthermore, the recommended month to sail over the island is from December to April, which is during the winter time throughout a significant number of locations over the world. Thus, if you could afford to pass Christmas Eve on board, you will experience sunny landscapes.

The Seychelles Islands

These destinations are very challenging for sailing with catamarans. Located in the western Indian Ocean, the islands are quite exotic and provide an adventurous environment when you plan to step on board. The astonishing topography of scenery includes different types of remarkable canyons, wrecks, and coral reefs. These island destinations are suitable for diving for beginners and advanced lovers of this sports activity. The charter of your boat will assure safety, but you need to take into consideration the places where you could practice this hobby.

Charter to Thailand

From the countries where you could explore an oriental culture and also the magnificent infrastructure of a nation, Thailand is your place. The preferable time for charter catamarans is between November and March. The level of humidity increases during the period of June to October, thus if you are a lover of adventurous types of vacations, that time could also be considered. While sailing, you will not notice strong sea storms such as typhoons, more likely, you will experience gentle monsoons. When you charter the vessel, there are other features provided in terms of unexpected weather.

The adventure of the catamarans would provide many feelings and emotions. There are several destinations, which you may find online. Websites such as provide different options to charter various vessels in many countries due to their amenities and optional crew presence. Whether you possess a license or not, you will pay extra for exceeding your vacation preferences. The catamarans are sailing vessels that will help you transform every captured moment during your stay on board into a real-life venture. Lastly, arriving at these destinations is only possible by plane, so book everything in advance.