A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

According to the American Bar Association’s National Lawyer Population by State (NLPS) count, the total number of lawyers in Texas is over 90,000. This statistic implies that you’ll be confused with the many available options if you’re looking to get a good criminal attorney. Remember, your choice of an attorney to defend you determines if you’ll win or lose the case.

We understand that hiring the best Houston criminal defense attorney may take time and is equally a daunting task. Nevertheless, you must know how to go about your search, pick the best out of the multitude of options, and increase your winning chances. 

Here’s a guide to help you choose the best criminal defense attorney in Houston.

Thorough Background Check

Some criminal defense lawyers, like in other professions, might have an unsavory history. If such an attorney has a history of delinquency, it’d be best to avoid them. Sadly, no lawyer will tell you about such an event to avoid losing clients. As such, you’ll need to dig deep while doing your research about any attorney. 

Conduct a thorough background assessment by checking if any case involving any lawyer on your list was reported to a relevant dispensary agency. You can check the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Directory of Disciplinary Agencies’ website. That’s where to get the history of all disciplinary cases against lawyers. 

Also, you can ask other lawyers in Houston to learn more about the attorney you’re considering and their reputation. Look for another criminal defense lawyer if you get a negative report about the one you’re contemplating, seeing as your choice of a criminal defense lawyer greatly influences the court judgment.


Ensure to go for a criminal defense attorney houston with experience. An experienced lawyer has gathered practical skills over the years, which a beginner might not have despite the impressive knowledge they might possess. 

Simply put, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer means that you’re picking an expert who knows the best way to handle whatever happens throughout the trial. It’d be best to check the criminal attorney’s portfolio and discover their years of experience and areas of expertise. Check also that the lawyer has profound knowledge and understanding of the local court and is an expert at the issue you’re charged with, for instance, child pornography

Number of Cases They’ve Tried Before a Jury

One crucial question to ask a potential criminal lawyer is how many cases they’ve tried before juries and their success rate. 

This measure is essential because prosecutors can identify which attorneys are trial lawyers that are quick to try a case if they feel the verdict is unfair and those who don’t try cases, so they won’t be able to dismiss your case.

Reviews and References

One more thing to review besides the professional reputation is the references and client testimonials. You can browse the various criminal lawyers in Houston’s client testimonial pages to see what their clients said about them. From there, you make your choice. Don’t forget to check that they’re board-certified and if they had won awards to demonstrate their excellence. 

Finding the right criminal lawyers in Houston can be a daunting task requiring extensive research. Take time to go through the list of reliable attorneys in your locality and vet each of them to find your best fit according to the criminal offense’s nature. Don’t forget to inquire about their experience and skills from other lawyers. 

With the number of criminal defense lawyers available, don’t settle for someone if you’re not entirely sure they’re the best fit. You can contact Paul Schiffer, an award-winning criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, for any criminal case. With his wealth of experience and practical skills gathered over years of working as a criminal lawyer, you’re assured of having the best hand on your case no matter the criminal offence.

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