Matthew Keezer’s thought on League of Legends

League of legends, the 2009 multiplayer online battle royale game created and published by Riots Game provides a thrilling gaming experience for its players, according to Matt Keezer.

The artistic inspiration for league of legends takes its cue from the custom map of Warcraft III, The Defence Of The Ancient. League of legends provides an overall epic experience for game enthusiasts as a very competitive MMO game genre.

As reviewed by GameSpy,

League of Legends takes cognitive dissonance to a whole new plane of existence”.

League of legends has quite a similar gameplay with most online battle royal games, but with a twist.

Two teams, consisting of five players will face off in a player vs player combat with each team having to defend their part of the map.

All ten of these players control a character, Champion,  as it is called, and possess different playstyle and unique abilities as well.

During a match, the Champion will begin to grow with more experience points won and become more powerful with upgrades enough to defeat the opponent.

League of Legends main game mode, Summoner’s Rift, where a team claims the win after making it through to the enemy base and also destroying their nexus. The enemy nexus is a large structure within the enemy’s half where the core energy is generated.

The game is very often cited as the largest eSport title in the world.

According to HYPEBEAST

“With 1,000 professional players on 100 teams across 12 regional leagues now. It is clear why League of Legends is the most-watched and largest E-Sport in the world.”

It also is the first gaming platform (or game) to reach 1 billion views on Twitch, a live video streaming platform for video games.

Development Of League Of Legends

The founders of Riot Games, Bradon Beck, and Marc Merill needed a successor to the already popular title, MOBA, Defense of the Ancients, also known to the popular gaming community as DOTA. League Of Legends was built as a Mod to the Warcraft III game and the game engine respectively within 4 months. In 2007, the game was pitched at the Game Developers Conference.

Afterwards, there was minute success as both Beck and Merill always had very little victory winning the trust of most investors they came across. Lots of potential investors and publishers were not supportive of the business model of the game as it was lacking a single-player mode and being free to play for all. As a late 2000s title, this surely was a far-cry.

Yet, the free-to-play model of league of legends remained untested outside the shores of the Asian markets, making publishers pay keen interest to only the release date of the retail and perhaps look forward to the game’s overall capacity to have a sequel.

Later in 2008, the Riots company stroke a deal with the holding company Tencent, to organize and handle the game launch in China, for the first time.

On October 7th of 2008, League of legends began making it to the spotlight by firstly being published on the Microsoft Windows platform. Where a closed beta testing program followed through in April of 2009. During the phase of beta testing, up to seventeen champions were made available.

The revenue model of League of legend remains free to play, however, lots of in-app purchases and paid character customizations make their revenue sky high. Matt Keezer reckons it is important to produce a product, a game that is fun, addictive, and includes a revenue model that does not turn players off or interrupts the overall quality of the game.

Skin purchases ranging anywhere between $4 to $25, then included the sale of virtual goods, weapons, chests, cosmetic items as well. Riots keep on experimenting with other forms of monetization for the game.

Achievements and Accolades

The first game developers choice awards held in 2010, League of legends emerged with up to four awards, being the best game in online technology, providing stunning visual arts, overall game design, and more importantly, debuting as the best new *online* game.

In recent years, 2017 and 2018 respectively, they received nominations for some of the best contributions to the eSports titles.


Matt believes League of legends is worth the recognition it receives and more as well. Riots game has come a long way in the past two decades and we look forward to more titles from their studios.

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