GRAY talk’s on debut EP “BRAGGMATIC”

The DC native rapper Gray, dropped an instant classic “Last Call” as his first single which had almost 100k streams within a years time. Gray is now going from Pop music to R&B hits that will immortalize him into the streaming music vaults of the R&B/Hip-Hop world forever. 
His new highly anticipated single “NO RUSH” released this month. A song that will feature on his debut EP “BRAGGMATIC”. When asked about meaning behind his upcoming EP’s title “BRAGGMATIC” Gray’s response was “It’s about the humble flex’s of life. When you know you’re him, just show it. You ain’t gotta say much. The never ending war between confidence and cockiness. I find myself in the middle of that battle a lot and I know I’m not alone on that battlefield. So, this EP is essentially for those who seek to draw the line in the sand between the two, because none of us are perfect and that’s what makes us so dope as individuals. We learn to appreciate those that love us and also those who don’t. I’m beyond hyped about this EP. We have some truly dope artist who collaborated with helping this EP become an instant classic and we’re just getting started.” 

It is still unclear when the official release date for this EP will be but we will confirm it as soon as Gray’s team gives the word. What we can confirm is that it will be releasing this year. Be sure to follow Gray’s music on his social media links provided. 

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