7 Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The cold months may have got you missing the warmth of the sun, smells of the flowers, and joys of a barbeque. And although summer feels like a lifetime away, it is essential to ensure that your home is prepared for any surprises the summer weather may bring. After the hot spell that hit the UK last summer during an already frustrating lockdown, it is safe to say you never know what to expect. Therefore, while you enjoy the cold, consider these seven tips to make your home cool during the warmer months.

  • Block the heat

During the summer, the sun can be your friend or your enemy. Letting in too much sunlight indoors can create a lot of heat. To prepare, you can plant indoor trees to create shade within the home. You can also hack your windows by covering them with a wet sheet to cool the air that comes into the house or invest in some block-out curtains. You can visit shuttercraft.co.uk to purchase blinds and shutters that would make it easier to regulate how much sunlight gets into your home and give your window an aesthetically pleasing ambience this summer.

  • Chose cooler bedding options

In winter, fleece blankets and flannel sheets are great for keeping you warm. However, during the warmer months, it is essential to switch to cotton sheets. Cotton fabrics are breathable and help you stay cool. Implement other strategies to prevent heat while you lay in bed. For example, place a cold bottle of water at the foot of the bed to keep your feet warm and help you feel cooler at night. While you do this, consider your pet’s bedding during the summer to keep them cool, comfortable, and healthy. 

  • Let the night air in

It gets warm during the day in summer, but the cool breeze at night is one you should take advantage of. Open up your windows to let the refreshing night air in. However, be careful that you open windows that would not compromise the security of your home. Since the cool air would circulate through the room all night, you would have a cooler room in the morning.  

  • Change your light bulbs

Although many have switched out incandescent light bulbs for more energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives such as compact fluorescent lamps, many still have not. These bulbs may be the cause of the warmth you experience in the home during the summer. Incandescent light bulbs are known to waste a large percentage of their energy in emitting heat, making rooms with these lightbulbs very warm. By changing them, you allow for cooler air circulation and a decrease in your energy bills.  

  • Install a ceiling fan

A great way to get air circulating through the room is by installing a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan allows you to create air movement that would help cool the room during the summer. Set your fan to run counter-clockwise at a higher speed to draw the cool air upwards. Don’t have a ceiling fan? You can hack your standing fan to circulate cool air by placing a shallow bowl or pan of ice in front of it to create a chilled breeze. You should also turn on bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to pull out the hot air that accumulates after you’ve taken a hot bath or prepared a meal. 

  • Get a portable air conditioner

Investing in a portable air conditioner for the summer is a great idea since it can easily be moved. Its portability also makes it easier to cool any part of the house at any time. To ensure that the cool breeze from air conditioning is not wasted, be sure to close doors that have been cooled to keep the cool trapped in for an extended period. This prevents the cool air from seeping out of the room. Also, ensure that you clean your air conditioner’s air filters regularly. That’s because a dirty, clogged filter may affect the air conditioner’s effectiveness, negatively affect the air quality in the room, and lead to health issues.

  • Focus on your body temperature

While the thermostat plays a role in your home’s general temperature, there are ways you can control your temperature during the hotter months. Take cold showers regularly, especially before bed, to keep cool. Wear more breathable fabrics such as cotton. Drink a lot of water and keep a wet cloth around your neck and wrists to cool down indoors.