A Step by Step Guide to Write Prayer Requests for You and Your Loved Ones

When you are in pain or one of your loved ones is in trouble, all you can do is pray. Yes, some people say that self-help is the biggest form of self-service and, there is nothing to be done if you do not take the initiative yourself. However, praying to God and having faith in the Almighty can give you strength beyond imagination. It is a way of connecting with a higher plane, and there is an assurance that if you send out an ardent prayer, you will receive Divine help, which will alleviate all your troubles. Sometimes, when all seems dark, this hope is the only thing that keeps us going. Hence, a prayer request is more than merely asking for help from God. It reinstates your faith in the Divine and gives you courage. Here is a guide to help you write a prayer request for yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Start with Acknowledgement of the Divine

You must start your prayer by acknowledging the presence of the Divine Almighty. Thank him for all his love and blessings that have been showered on you and your family all this while, and ask for forgiveness for any sins that you might have knowingly or unknowingly committed. Do not start a prayer request right away with what you want at the moment. Instead, appreciate all that he has done for you, which has brought you so far in life. We often take God’s grace for granted, so this is a time to remember and thank him.

  1. Who are your Praying for

In the next phase of the prayer, write about the person you are praying for. Are you praying for yourself or a loved one? Why does the person need the prayers? Is the person in pain? When you write about the person, you are praying for, or even for yourself, take a moment to ponder whether the person has done everything in his or her power to get out of the situation. If yes, you can write an ardent prayer to seek Divine help and to end your plight, whatever the reason might be.

  1. State your Prayer

In the next step, state your prayer. You need not be too descriptive or superfluous in your choice of words. It is best to express your prayer in the simplest words you can think of. God will answer your prayer if you seek his help with a pure heart. You do not have to go into excessive details about what led to the incident that is causing you or your loved one trouble. You can state the basic facts and ask God to alleviate your problem. Do not write your prayer in a demanding tone. Remember, this is a prayer request. All you need is faith in your heart that your prayer will be answered.

  1. Stay Positive

It might seem difficult at first to remain positive when you are going through a lot of trouble or emotional unrest. However, do not let them seep into your prayer. Instead, write your prayer request with a positive attitude and have faith that God will now do what is best for you. If another individual has caused the distress you are currently in, never express any sort of ill-will towards that person while writing your prayer and not letting such negative emotions taint your mind. Focus on your prayer and your connection with God, and you are sure to receive his blessings.

  1. Be Grateful

At the end of the prayer request, end with a feeling of gratitude as you know that God will consider your request. Do not wait to thank God only after you see your problem has been resolved. Thank the Almighty now, as you know, he always does what is best for you. As a priest will read out your prayer request, you can also write a note of thanks to the person reading out the prayer on your behalf if you want. If you are praying for a loved one, you can also thank the Lord on his or her behalf.

Lastly, always remember that your prayer request should be as spontaneous as possible. It is good to write a well-worded prayer, but it should reflect who you are and not seem like an exercise in writing. All you need is faith in your heart and hope that your problems will be resolved soon with the blessings of God. Exercise your unshakeable faith in the lord and express your prayers for the positive outcome you desire. You will thus be left with a complete peace of mind to pass any turbulent phases in your life.