5 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids

Kids is not only a group of people but an age that indicates living and playing carefree. At the same time, the outdoor is a space that enables kids to play in that way. As parents, they can’t only pay more attention to kids’ physical growth and ignore mental growth inadvertently. There is an increasing number of parents who keep kids inside and read books or watch screens, however, what kids need most is more outdoor play. The benefits of outdoor play are what parents ignore most.

For kids, are growing mentally and physically every day and can be affected by various elements and surroundings. Spending lots of time watching screens and staying inside only harm kids’ development. If your kids are not willing to, or you have no idea how to attract them to go outside and play, https://us.tobbi.com/will give you a satisfying answer. Actually, studies have shown that regular outdoor play and connecting with nature are crucial for kids’ development.

Next, let’s explore the benefits outdoor play can do for kids.

Build a strong build and immunity

A French doctor once said that movement in terms of its effect, almost can replace any medicine, but all the drugs in the world and can’t take the place of movement. Regular outdoor play can enhance the physical fitness of children and promote the healthy development of their bodies. A strong body and immunity are mostly developed from childhood. Kids are in a period of growth and development, the body organs and systems are not yet mature and perfect, the ability to adapt to the outside environment is weak and vulnerable. It is easy for them to be affected by various natural factors. Doing outdoor activities is suitable for children’s physiological characteristics and can improve their physical adaptability and disease resistance. On the contrary, if you keep your kids inside most of the time, the lack of connecting to the outdoor can only make kids easy to get sick and be affected by various bacteria, because they don’t have a chance to play outdoor and adapt to nature.

Our product, ride-on car can be a great outdoor play companion for kids. The cool and attractive shape and appearance will make kids more likely to drive it and play outside. To play our ride-on car, kids will use their hands, foot, and head, it’s like a whole-body exercise, which is helpful for kids to build a healthy and strong body.

Promote mental development

Outdoor play’s effect on mental development can’t be replaced. Taking part in outdoor activities not only makes children full of energy and happy mood but also can enhance children’s self-confidence and cultivate their brave, strong, responsive, and other qualities of will. Outdoor activities can satisfy a child’s active and inquisitive nature. During outdoor play, children are greatly reduced constraints, they are more often the participants in the activities so that they can make full use of imagination, hands-on ability, and creativity. Outdoor is like a nature classroom for kids, and what they play is like their class. Different activities can teach them different skills that they can’t learn in school. Kids’ mental growth is largely built during their contact with nature. Meanwhile, our ride-on car is equipped with an MP3 player which can make kids immersed in the music when playing. Kids probably more willing to go outside and drive their ride-on car with the music playing. Music can also stimulate kids’ brains and improve their mental and creative development potentially. This ride-on car is more like a combination of exercise and art.

Improve intelligence and studying ability

Play games and activities will affect your kids’ studies and grades? The answer is NO. Many parents worry that outdoor play will have a negative impact on kids’ studies. However, some researches have shown that outdoor activities can promote children’s social and emotional development, and help them improve language, math skills. Because there is more open space outside, children often prefer to create new rules of the game according to their surroundings. So they can learn and express their new findings in their way. These outdoor games or activities are able to promote the development of children’s language skills, also autonomy, organization ability. At the same time, children have more opportunities to practice counting ability outdoors, such as counting people, cars, houses, and so on.

Learn to interact with others

Outdoor is a big space where kids will meet other people, maybe older or younger. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn to interact with others. Imagine that, several kids who don’t know each other, but all happen to play in the same park with a ride-on car. It’s a good chance for them to start a ride-on car game. When the game ends, what kids acquire is a precious friendship except for happiness. Meanwhile, kids can also learn how to cooperate and interact with others during the game.

Outdoor play can have various types, but their benefits are the same. And the game is a particular interacting way for kids. Kids can come up with many games, outdoor play is a social occasion belonging to them. Our ride-on car is a suitable social way in this occasion, kids can start different games with our product. If other kids have the same ride-on car, they can drive it together and start their racing; even other kids don’t have the car, it’s also a chance for your kid to learn to share. When playing the same ride-on car, they have improved interaction ability.

Opportunity to acquire new knowledge

Imagine that you take your kids to an outdoor classroom. Kids will play outdoor through games or any forms that they like. In the process of contact with the outdoor environment, they can see and know many fresh things which they can’t touch in school or indoors. Consequently, children can learn some useful knowledge or skills through their outdoor play. Meanwhile, playing outdoors is also a process of enhancing their learning ability.

Don’t suppose that outdoor play is only for spending time and has no sense. Conversely, its benefits towards your kids’ growth are beyond your expectation. Meanwhile, a suitable toy can add more happiness to your kids’ outdoor play. Choose our Tobbi’s ride-on car is choose a companion for your kids. Drive the car and play the music, make kids’ outdoor play more colorful.