Traits of the Best SD-WAN Providers

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) provide a way to securely run network traffic from multiple connection types through one channel. Running a software-defined, virtual version of the network allows organizations to have a greater level of visibility and control, while also allowing for a greater variety of access pathways.

In an age in which cyber security is paramount to the overall health of an enterprise, and more devices are connecting along a greater variety of data transport services, SD-WAN can facilitate safer networks. However, knowing this isn’t the only part of incorporating SD-WAN into your network security protocol.

Here are some of the traits of the best SD-WAN providers.

Quality and Expertise

Network security is a massive industry currently worth about $150 billion globally. Due to the massive demand for these products and services, there are always new companies trying to enter the fray. While SD-WAN is a relatively new kind of network architecture, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to only look at the newest providers.

This is especially true if the provider will handle management activities like detection and response. You need to ensure their long-term credibility. All of your network traffic will pass through this gateway. The people in charge of its security must have broad and time-tested expertise in order to respond to a wide variety of scenarios.

Services Adapted to Your Needs

No two enterprises are exactly alike. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for them to adopt one-size-fits-all solutions. This is especially true when it comes to critical functions such as network management and security.

The process of setting up SD-WAN within an organization is going to go much smoother when services are adapted to your exact needs. Of course, this is only going to be the case if the SD-WAN provider is ready and able to offer this. Make sure you ask about the on-boarding process when comparing various SD-WAN providers. Those willing to go the extra mile for their customers provide vastly better service. This is worth paying for when so much rides on the functionality and security of enterprise networks.

Monitoring Tools

A great SD-WAN provider is going to have its own teams dedicated to monitoring network traffic for its clients. This will often also involve triage in the event there’s some kind of breach in security. But a top SD-WAN provider will go beyond this.

As an enterprise, you want to be able to perform your own monitoring and diagnostics on your networks. Best-in-class SD-WAN providers facilitate this by providing organizations with better tools for their in-house IT department. When monitoring tools are built explicitly to work along with specific SD-WAN network architecture, it improves functionality at all points.

Furthermore, SD-WAN providers should have a fully fleshed out suite of network protection tools. By going beyond just the basics of providing network architecture, SD-WAN providers can help enterprises boost end-to-end network performance and security.

Locational Flexibility

The whole point of SD-WAN is to give enterprises a way to monitor and facilitate network traffic from various locations coming through multiple forms of connections. In today’s globalized world, SD-WAN providers should offer customers total flexibility when it comes to accessibility

Not only are organizations based all over, endpoints might need to connect to the network from places not typically supported by traditional networks. No matter how it’s done, SD-WAN providers should offer customers the ability to connect from all over.

SD-WAN is a major advancement in networking technology. Enterprises looking to upgrade the performance and security of their networks should consider whether working with an SD-WAN provider makes sense.