The Future of Tourism in 2021 With Matt Keezer

Matt Keezer, a seasoned travel executive, sits down with us to share some of his views on what we might expect for 2021 tourism comeback. The travel industry is one of the most impacted sectors by Covid-19, with an estimated loss of over $750 billion.  Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, the number of international travels declined by 90%, but it looks like 2021 will be a year of recovery. Matt Keezer thinks that the travel industry will quickly recuperate as the governments all around the world are opening borders and allowing international passengers to seek entry.

“The recent development and rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine will surely bring a much-needed boost to the traveling industry,” he says. “Although the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry was severe, with governments lifting the heavy restrictions, there will be a huge travel demand, and that will bring a boost that the industry desperately needs.”

Still, the pandemic changed the way people travel. Matt Keezer predicts that people will think more before they decide to travel. Business and leisure travel will still continue, but he says that “most of the travels will be reduced to purposeful travel.”

“Adventure travelers won’t be getting on a plane for a quick weekend away at some exotic destination, and businessmen will probably opt for a conference call instead of flying to and back for a meeting, at least until the whole pandemic blows off.” Matt Keezer says.

That is why many travel companies united themselves in an effort to modernize the approach to traveling in order to simplify the whole traveling process – from selecting a destination to getting there quickly and safely.

Matt Keezer explains, “Simplification of traveling process will surely attract a lot of new passengers. It can be really off-putting if you want to visit, Mexico for example, and you don’t know where or how to get every test or certificate the Mexican government requires. It looks like these improvements will bring everything to the palm of your hand, and travelers will be able to sort everything out with a few simple clicks.”

Still, he points out that even though the travel companies are putting a massive effort into accommodating their passengers, they ultimately depend on governments and their regulations. There are regulations and restrictions on every corner, and some of them can be complex and hard to navigate.

“Governments are creating the rules, and these companies have no choice to comply,” says Matt Keezer. “That is why travelers need to know that these requirements can change on a whim, and they need to be prepared to adapt to newfound circumstances. Hopefully, these improvements will come soon enough.”

Until that happens, international travel will continue to take two steps forward but one step back.

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