Solo Travel vs Family travel in 2021 with Matthew Keezer

Matthew Keezer weighs in on our thoughts on Solo and Family travel in the new world. When asked about the difference between the COVID-19 pandemic and other medical tragedies that have affected the human race in the past, travel expert Matthew Keezer points out a significant dissimilarity. In the past, a sickness was generally confined to just one part of the globe. However, the COVID pandemic managed to make its way all around the world. As a result, one of the first things to suffer, as a result, was the travel freedom that we took for granted as it was summarily snatched from our grasp.

For many, this, in effect, changed much more than we had expected. While experiencing a lock-down in our homes and local regions, entire families were forced to be confined in close quarters. However, since freedom and travel are built into our DNA, individuals and families were planning just where they wanted to go, once the pandemic subsided enough for them to travel, once more.

A post-pandemic reality

Matthew Keezer has now informed us that we’re seeing the re-emergence of travel. In effect, the “new normal” world is allowing for us to, once again, take to the skies and look towards the future of our travel agendas. Locations all over the world are now, once again, beginning to open up and people are looking towards travel experts, such as Mathew Keezer, when it comes to understanding just how their travel plans can be facilitated.

When asked about those who are currently planning travel in a post-pandemic world, Matthew Keezer has reported that the number of travelers include nearly an equal number of both solo and family trip vacationers. This fact has surprised many who initially assumed that once post-COVID travel emerged, solo travelers would dominate the number of initial travelers. However, such was not the case. The reason for this is quite logical, however.

The family that stays together…

Matthew Keezer has painted for us a picture of a family who has been forced to be confined in their homes due to lock-down measures. That picture includes many families who sat around the dinner table and discussed just where they would like to go once travel was again possible. As a matter of fact, this type of family activity had become quite popular and today’s post-pandemic world is making those dreams become a reality.

As a result, Matthew Keezer has received a large number of both solo and family inquiries when it comes to planning a trip outside their area. This includes both local and international travel. But the best news of all is that he is able to report to these inquirers that travel in our new-normal world will be exceptionally friendly to these new travelers, both solo and family-oriented.

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