Europe’s largest Amazon agency takes on the UK 

London, 17.03. 2021 – Europe’s leading Amazon agency, factor-a, plans to pioneer the expansion of the UK e-commerce market, in order to become the leading Amazon agency for UK businesses. After successfully growing throughout Europe, their main focus for the rest of 2021 is to target the UK market.

The global pandemic has had significant effects on the e-commerce industry all over the world. Amazon sales in the UK increased by 51% to nearly £20 billion in 2020, as lockdown restrictions forced people to buy online. With Amazon’s disruptive nature and the company being on the verge of conquering many more industries after $570 billion of gained market capitalization and 63.3% of stock increase during the pandemic, many companies want to rise with the giant by getting a piece of the ever-growing cake. As the importance for companies to include Amazon in their business strategy rises, so does the request for Amazon specialist agencies.

“The UK is one of the most important markets for Amazon in Europe. We have not only seen significant growth in the UK Amazon market but also noticed that compared to other markets many UK vendors and sellers have been remaining behind their possibilities. We see a high development potential here which makes it such an exciting market for us to enter”, Nils Zündorf, Managing Director of factor-a, confirms. Right now the UK is the world’s third-largest e-commerce market “I think a lot of industries will start to pay more attention to Amazon in the years to come. With the growing data challenges this entails, the need for suitable solutions is increasing”, he predicts.

Zündorf has been working in e-commerce for over 10 years and has advised hundreds of companies on how to navigate the e-commerce space – even far beyond Amazon.

factor-a has already established themselves as the leading force in the Amazon agency ecosystem. The company already advised more than 300 manufacturers and brands including clients like Levis, Yamaha, Johnson & Johnson and JBL on how to maximize their success on the sales platform. With more than 1 billion external revenue turnover and 20,000 optimized landing pages worldwide, the company’s data-driven approach is a revolution in the e-commerce data jungle, many businesses are now facing. With the creation of factor-a suite, an intelligent software solution, the company helps manufacturers navigate, interpret and use e-commerce data successfully. In May 2018 factor-a joined the international full-service digital agency Dept which employs 1,150 people in eleven European countries and the USA.

“We have invested resources, staff, and infrastructure in 2020 and want to increase our market share among key players by the end of 2021”, mentions Nils.

About factor-a
Founded in August 2015 in Hamburg, factor-a eventually moved to Cologne in 2016. Under the management of Marc Aufzug, Dominik Bors, Nils Zündorf, and Roberto Russo, factor-a advises manufacturers and brands on operational issues and organizes their trade on Amazon. Today, more than 100 employees work in different offices across Europe. factor-a is part of the international full-service digital agency Dept. The agency was founded in 2016 by brothers Paul and Bart Manuel in Amsterdam and today employs 1,500 people in eleven European countries and the USA.

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