Buy Your New Car Online and Ship It Across Country

It has never been easier to buy a new vehicle online from a faraway place and get it moved to your doorstep quickly and safely. The reason for it is that nowadays the process is really smooth – from the beginning to the very end – when you ship a car across country. When you add the fact that online buying and selling is at an all-time high and has never been safer, then you know this is the way to go. Without any shadow of a doubt.

But where do you start and how can you avoid any problems that may arise? What are the challenges and how you can tackle them in advance? How do you find the lowest cost to ship a car across country without compromising the process? Read this text and you will know how to buy a new car online and have it moved to you without even a scratch. Find the right way.

Start with a Thorough Research

Having your homework done properly is the best way to start the process. Thankfully, the technology has progressed in such a manner that today it represents a decisive helping hand in this kind of deals. You should check trustworthy resources on the Internet such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. What they give you are comprehensive estimates on the value of different types of cars and show you which one could be the best for you. There are three factors of huge importance when you choose. The first one is the number of family members, then the daily commute and finally your budget.

Next thing on the list is researching the dealer or the private person you are buying the car online from. Go see the online reviews, find all the customer feedback you can, check the media archives for negative news stories on the dealership and discover how long it has been on the market. If you are buying from a private person, remember that it is always a scam if the offer seems too good. And never, and we mean never, send money through a method that is impossible to trace. So don’t use Western Union or Moneygram.

And finally research the car moving company you are going to hire. Be sure it has all the licenses needed for a cross country vehicle shipping. Also, it must insure your new car fully and offer you a suitable price for the service. Just in case, check the customer reviews so that you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Stick to Your Must-Have Features and Your Budget

One thing that should not slip through your mind when you are buying your new vehicle is that all the advantages are yours. You hold the money that the salesperson wants and needs, so use this fact without any compromise and remorse. When you shop online, you must have a list of all the must-have features you want your new car to possess. Never shy away from it, not even for a second, because all of the enlisted details are in there for a good reason. You deserve all you want and you should not settle for anything less.

Be prepared for a haggle also when the time comes to agree on a price. The seller will always try to squeeze every cent out of you and because of that you have to stand your ground and stick to your budget. Our advice is to find as many dealers as possible and, after receiving all the quotes from them, send the lowest one to the others. Chances are that you will get the price you were hoping for at the beginning of the process.

Then repeat the exercise with the auto transport companies. Yes, the cost to ship a car across country is not the lowest but you may get a very fair price with a little bit of maneuvering.

Get it in Written

Before you finalize any deal you should remember to always have it in written. Always! This way you will avoid any expensive problems born out of a future misunderstanding. But there is also another reason to get an agreement in writing – it will help you in your mission to get a better deal from other car dealers and auto transport companies.

Insist on a Returns Policy

Always do that because, as much as you have fallen in love with your new car, you might get stung if a problem arises out of nowhere. Checking for a returns policy is an absolute must. Better safe than sorry.

Get the Best Auto Transport Company

After you buy a new vehicle online there is still something important left to do – to get it moved to you. Some people go themselves. Some hire a driver or ask a close person to do it. There are other ways too but the most popular option today is to ship a car across country via an auto transport company. The main reasons for it are that it saves time and money, and also wear and tear on your new vehicle. On top of that, the whole process is strictly organized and much safer. But how do you pick the best car mover for your sake?

Our first advice is to find somebody who has used such company before. Then go on the Internet and read as many customer reviews as possible in social media and forums. The next step is to check the database of the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Safety Administration to be 100% certain in your choice. Comparing the quotes from the competing companies is next on the to-do list as it helps you discover the best fare. Finally, have the exact shipping dates and ask for door-to-door transportation. The latter costs a bit more but spares you time, money and worries.

Last but not least, be present at the moment of arrival to inspect the car for any kind of damages. This is another great advantage of cross country vehicle shipping: most companies offer full insurance. This way you don’t have to worry about having to dig deeper in your pocket for your new car.

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