COSMA shows positive emotional impact on people living with dementia

There are nearly 12 million people aged 65+ comprising 18% of the UK population (AgeUK). WHO has emphasised the negative impact on mental health especially to elderly and/or underlying health conditions, people with cognitive decline or dementia due to social isolation & loneliness from COVID-19.

BrainBerry has developed ‘COSMA’ (Cognitive Operational Software for Mental Health Advancement), a digital gaming platform to address the cognitive, emotional and spiritual well-being of people with dementia. COSMA is the first digital-health dementia therapy app to show the efficacy of gamification on improving emotional well-being on people living with dementia.

COSMA app is carefully designed to be an individualised therapy focusing on meeting the deeper emotional and psychological needs of both patients and their families and friends over time with the use of memories.

The COSMA app is also a monitoring tool, triggering cognitive and emotional well-being via games and collecting scientific parameters that are standardised by scores. The pattern of improvement or deterioration determined by our machine learning algorithm can be accessed remotely by carers and family members.

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