What to Consider When Choosing the Best Vintage Cufflinks

The popularity of cufflinks burns hot and cold, which means the demand for them, is good today while tomorrow, it is not as good. Even though they may not be the most popular part of men’s fashion, cufflinks still sell, and men still look good in them. However, unlike the most modern pieces, vintage cufflinks do not go out of style, especially with collectors and the more sophisticated men that know the value of something good when they see it.

Vintage cufflinks have two things in common-they are elegant and classy. They also come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. Moreover, they are not one-type fits all, making it important to choose vintage cufflinks that blend well with your accessories, and clothing. So, what do you look for in vintage cufflinks? The following guide will help you out.

Tips on Choosing the Best Vintage Cufflinks

Vintage cufflinks date back to over 400 years ago. They are elegant with original costume-styles that you do not find in modern-day cufflinks. Some companies try to reproduce the original vintage cufflinks, but few come close to providing collectors and vintage lovers with what they want. Before you go out there, physically or online, to buy your vintage cufflinks, consider the following factors.

·      The Brand

The brand you buy your vintage cufflinks from says a lot about its quality and value. Vintage cufflinks or any other jewelry, for that matter, is not just about the metal. It is also about the designer and the brand. For example, if you buy a Georg Jensen cufflinks vintage, it is not the same as owning a pair made somewhere in China. The cufflinks speak class, elegance, and clean with a twist of aesthetics, which you get when you buy a George Jensen. Remember buying a brand that counts also adds value to your vintage cufflinks if you ever want to sell them.

·      Design

Whether you are a vintage collector or buying cufflinks to wear, the design is another important factor to consider. Vintage cufflinks are made to be seen, and a good design is pleasing to the eyes. A good design also brings out the best in your clothing, affecting how other people perceive you. If you are going for vintage, the design should be timeless, like a Georg Jensen.

·      Size

One of the mistakes some people make is to assume that one-size cufflinks fit all. Cufflinks come in different sizes, just as people have different wrist sizes. If you buy a too large size, you will look odd, feel uncomfortable, and convey the wrong message. Furthermore, men’s, women’s, and children’s cufflinks have different designs and sizes, with the men’s being longer.

·      Material, Quality and Style

Vintage cufflinks come in different materials and styles. Many of the vintage styles are intricate and elaborate, made with materials that range from gold, diamond to platinum and silver. Whether you are buying silver or gold-coated cufflinks, always opt for the best quality, as it will last a lifetime.

Many of the vintage pieces are handcrafted though you will also get a good number of machine-cut pieces. Handcrafted vintage cufflinks are special and authentic, but it does not mean that you do not get amazing machine-cut vintage styles and designs.

·      Color and Shape

Choosing a color that blends well with your outfit is another factor to consider when purchasing your cufflinks. The color you choose should also complement your other accessories, such as the watch. The shape of the cufflinks is just as important as all other details. For example, you can pair narrow cufflinks with bigger ones for better style effects.

Wrapping it up

Searching for the best vintage cufflinks is not a walk in the park. However, when you know what to look for, it gets easier. Vintage cufflinks continue to gain popularity even though they are several decades old. They come in a wide selection of shapes, designs, materials, colors, and styles. However, unless you buy from a brand reputed to be genuine, you may not enjoy the real benefits of owning real vintage cufflinks.