Sterling Chandler pictured on set filming for new BBC series in Kent

Teenage photographer Sterling Chandler was pictured on set in Margate last Saturday filming for a new BBC series. The young tastemaker styled a puffer jacket and orange cords topped off with a sports cap. Sterling was pictured deep in his element on a phone call behind-the-scenes.
Filming took place across Margate on Saturday. Locations included Turner Contemporary, Northdown Road and Westbrook beach.

The filming definitely attracted attention by passers by. Many local Twitter users took to the platform to share what was happening.

Over the last few years Sterling has made a name for himself in the creative sector and recently photographed campaigns for the likes of Gucci and British GQ.
Aged only 16 at the time, Sterling is the youngest photographer ever in history to have images published in GQ Magazine.
In a recent interview Sterling gave the lowdown on how it was getting back into work after the first UK lockdown, he said “This year has been hard as so much of it has been in isolation, so it was great to be able to play a small part in a team again and experience the energy you get working with others. Being a behind the scenes photographer on the shoot for Dazed and Gucci involved getting complete access to document everything which was just fantastic. I was peering in and capturing shots you’d normally miss. Being asked to be the Assistant Director gave me a new experience and the opportunity to see everything from another perspective, which was just incredible”
Sterling is a 17-year-old photographer and creative consultant from London and has worked with a broad range of well known creatives and global brands.