5 specialities a mobile beauty therapist should consider in 2021!

Are you undergoing professional retraining and would like to find the job that suits you? Beauty, well-being and aesthetics: join professionals whose aim is to embellish appearance and bring well-being to as many people as possible. Discover our 5 ideas!


The hairdresser takes care of his customers as soon as they enter the salon. After a discussion, he carries out the client’s request (cutting, colouring, sweeping, brushing…). The hairdresser also offers a moment of relaxation. In addition to a perfect mastery of hair products, the hairdresser must have a certain manual skill and a certain sense of aesthetics to advise clients well. Friendly and available, the hairdresser establishes a relationship of trust with them that will build customer loyalty. As a fashion professional, he must keep abreast of all the trends and not hesitate to innovate.


The beautician is a specialist in beauty and body care. She provides body care that contributes to hygiene and aesthetics: hair removal, exfoliation, care, manicure and make-up. Most beauticians work in institutes, but it is possible to work on your own and become a mobile beautician. A complete mastery of care techniques is necessary to practise this profession. The beautician also knows how to use psychology and has a certain sense of business and responsibility. Finally, for this beauty specialist, impeccable presentation and careful make-up are a must.

Makeup artist

The make-up artist creates make-up that can be used both to embellish a face or to transform it and represent a particular state of the human being. Thus, the make-up artist can exercise his profession in the media, theatre, opera or even in beauty institutes.

Tattoo artist

To be a tattoo artist is to be an artist, a drawer. To love the drawing remains an important condition to practise this trade at the same time technical and artistic. The role of advising the client is also part of the great responsibilities of a tattoo artist. It is necessary to inform, advise and respect the customers. There is no specific training or diploma for the tattoo profession. Usually, the training is carried out with seasoned professionals.

Perfume designer

It takes many years to memorise, assimilate and identify the countless scents. The first step is to smell the raw materials every day to learn how to recognise and name them. It takes a long time before associating the chords, mixing and blending the essences to obtain a note and imagine new smells.

To access the professions listed below, the training courses are varied. And at different levels. You can find short training courses for some of these trades and much longer studies for others. Take the plunge and opt for a successful conversion in the field of beauty and wellness!