Lash Extensions: Helpful Tips Before Buying

If you are deciding between Silk, Faux Mink (also called Mink), and Synthetic lash extensions, you should know that all three lashes are essentially one product under three names.

While these lash extensions are all made with synthetic fibers, they vary in quality and finish. ‘Silks’ typically have a shiny or glossy finish, versus ‘minks’ are nonglossy and matte.

Is there a difference between classic lashes and volume lashes?

Additionally, we categorize lash extensions as classic lashes or volume lashes. Lately, there has been interest in a different style called Russian Volume Lashes, where three to five thin lashes are attached to one natural eyelash. Our certified technicians can apply up to 10 lashes on one fan at the Quality Beauty Store, but the natural eyelashes must be sufficiently thick to do so.

Recently, we introduced a new .03mm thick lash from BL lashes, which is the thinnest on the market. Also, at, we have volume fans that are knot-free to help accelerate lash treatment time. Even with the trend of volume lashes, classic lashes and individual 1:1 lashes remain popular. Based on our experience, lashes that are 15mm thick are the most used for classic lash extensions.

Selecting the perfect lash extensions for you

It can be challenging to select the proper lash extensions for you, and even more so if you are unfamiliar with the variety of lashes. In recent years, eyelash treatments have become increasingly popular; therefore, there has been a growth in the number of brands and styles available.

The options can be overwhelming, making the task of selecting suitable lashes a difficult one. To help ease the process, we prepared a quick and straightforward guide on selecting the right lash extensions for you or you might want to check Paris Eyelash Academy for more.

Are individual lash extensions bad for natural eyelashes?

The question of eyelash extensions harming natural lashes is a hot topic. My 5+ year career working with lashes has taught me that lash extensions are safe for natural lashes and do not cause harm if they are correctly done with high-quality materials and by a qualified technician.

It is important to remember these conditions if you plan to wear lash extensions regularly.

We recommend you only wear classic lash extensions if:

  • You have full and healthy natural lashes.
  • A certified technician performs your treatment using high-quality materials.
  • The lash extensions are not too heavy.
  • You will follow the lash extension aftercare instructions your technician provides.
  • You do not have any allergies to the materials.

We advise wearing Russian Volume Lashes only if:

  • You have full and healthy natural lashes.
  • You wear thin eyelash extensions (we suggest ones with a lash thickness of .03mm-.10mm like the Loventure® and Diamond Silk lashes).

To decide if your natural lashes fit this service, the technician will complete an eyelash examination before each treatment.

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