The Gaming Industry and Its Crypto Trading Simulators

The gaming industry is responsible for the plethora of games piling up over the years. The new ones will keep coming and the pile will get bigger. But the games will get better as well. That’s because new technology is being introduced pretty much every year which enhances the gaming experience.

Also, the industry adapts to this technology and makes sure the hardware is good enough to support the software. That’s how graphics and mechanics improved significantly in the past couple of years, not just with PCs but consoles as well. Mobile phones evolved into smartphones and new gaming devices that got their own gaming market.

The rise of virtual currencies is one of the current trends and the industry has already adapted to them by offering them as payment methods. But these currencies have inspired a couple of developers to make some trading simulators for those new to crypto trading.

There are several such games out there. Some are browser games while others are mobile games. They focus on various currencies and various elements of crypto trading. Still, they’ll train you properly regardless of which one you choose. In that regard, here are some of them:

Spark Profit

Predicting the way the value will go is important when it comes to crypto trading. That’s what Spark Profit teaches you. By making correct predictions you get points and advance in the game. And by making the wrong ones you lose points. The virtual currencies available are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. But you don’t need to learn any skills to enjoy the profit potential of cryptocurrencies. Instead, you can go for a trading platform that does the trading for you. Platforms like Bitcoin Digital are available online and all you need to do is take your pick.

This platform does the trading in your stead, but you’ll need to understand its settings first. Knowing how to adjust them also helps. But you’ll need an account to access its settings. You’ll also need to make a small deposit as you’ll need money to trade with. Once that’s done you can head on over to the tutorials and fiddle with the demo account as much as you want. Afterward, you’ll head on over to the live session and then you’ll be free to experiment with the platform. Also, you’ll experience all the benefits it has to offer.


This app doesn’t just offer the popular cryptocurrencies but it makes sure to offer some new ones as well. Furthermore, you’ll learn about all the elements of crypto trading. So going long, shorting a position, using leverage, and more will be the skills that will be in your portfolio after some time with Niffler. You’ll have the badges to prove this and in a while, you’ll get to the verified status. With the experience and skills, you have the real world of crypto trading won’t catch you by surprise with its challenges as you’ll know how to adapt.

Altcoin Fantasy

Yes, knowing when to buy and sell assets is important in crypto trading. But it’s also important to analyze the market and adapt to the changes. Altcoin Fantasy offers you these skills and you can practice them with popular virtual currencies on a virtual market. The competitions this app offers will be worth your while even if you don’t reach the top.


These games will help you build the right skill set as a trader. But you’ll need to pick one crypto out of the bunch available online to focus on. Then you’ll need a wallet as well as an online exchange to trade on. Naturally, you’ll need to keep track of your preferred virtual currency’s value.

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