Thursday, February 29, 2024

Here are 10 Interesting Facts About Rummy Card Game

As most of us know, the Rummy game is quite an old one when it comes to exciting card games for family entertainment. It has been referred to in several instances of both classical and pop culture literature as well. Movie buffs will remember the classic James Bond Goldfinger, in which Bond caught the main antagonist Goldfinger cheating at a game of Gin Rummy. This, along with several other references to the ever-popular rummy game, has been made throughout in both the print and visual media. Here’s a list of some of the lesser-known and highly interesting facts about the rummy game that you’ve never known before.

  1. In the UK, the rummy game has been said to have originated from drinking rum. Yes, this is quite interesting since the losers of the game had to buy drinks for the winner. Hence, it was also known as Rum Poker.
  2. There are supposedly more than 20 mainstream variations of the rummy game, making it one of the most versatile card games. Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Three Thirteen and Kalooki are just some of these.
  3. Playing the rummy game with real money can never be termed gambling because it is a purely skill-based game rather than a game of chance.
  4. The rummy game has now shifted to a purely online platform whereas about 6-7 years ago, there were physical international rummy tournaments that were played just like any other indoor game.
  5. Since the rummy game is such an old card game, its origins are lost in ambiguity. Most people agree that it was derived from the Spanish game Coquina, while others agree it came from French Poker, and some others argue it’s a derivative of Chinese Mah-jong. 
  6. Research has stated that players of the rummy game have better mathematical skills and hand-eye coordination skills than most regular people.
  7. There is a popular argument that rummy is the original card game and most others like Bridge and Pinochle have been derived from it.
  8. Did you know that in a rummy game, if the chosen cut joker is also the printed joker, then all the Aces become cut jokers? This is a rule rarely spoken of when tutorials of rummy are written.
  9. Did you also know that instead of discarding duplicate cards you can use one of them to form a set and another to form a sequence? This gives you better odds at forming sequences and sets.
  10. There are many professional rummy players whose sole source of income is winning at rummy games. You could be one such player with regular practice!

Make Use of These Facts!

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