Five benefits of hunter BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer

Five benefits of hunter BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer

The advancements in technologies around the globe in various fields have provided consumers with the ease to control their houses from a single tap. A person can be miles away from his house and still stay connected. When people go out on vacations, they make sure that they keep their houses safely locked, curtains set, temperatures set, etc. Even if they need they can always control the lights and temperatures sitting across the world only using a smartphone and internet.

Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer is one such thing that you can use to automatically irrigate gardens. Yes, you read that right! Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timers are a tremendous help to people who have kitchen gardens at home and need to take care of them regularly but cannot because of the long working hours. You no longer have to get into the garden hedges, and fences to moist/ irrigate them. In this article, you will learn five benefits of Hunter BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer

Easy to use

Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer is an easy-to-use multipurpose tap that you can have in your gardens not only to irrigate or moist them but also to fill your pool. It is both manual and app-controlled; you have to download an application on your smartphone or tablet and set the timer according to the garden’s needs.

Manual and App Control

You do not have to worry about going around in the fences, hedges and get all the dirt into yourself. You have to put the Bluetooth tap timer in place and easily operate it via the app control from your finger’s tap on your smartphone. If you are someone who loves to have pretty, bright, and well-maintained gardens but does not really like getting the soil, dirt, and those little bugs on yourself, the Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer will prove to be your best friend.

Fill Your Pool

Besides your gardens, pots, and plants, you may also use them to fill your swimming pools. You can assign the task, and it will use the tap water even to fill the pool, which will help you while you do other chores of the house; the pool will be ready. Adding to the numerous uses that this BTT Bluetooth tap timer provides, you can also use the pool water that evaporates in the sun to water your plants and gardens. Reuse and recycle is the world’s mantra.

Vast area coverage

The Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer reduces the manual use of taps and pipes; It takes over that for you. You will not need to hover around to look for each pot, garden, pitch to water around. This machine is durable both indoors and outdoors for nurturing various places such as gardens, Greenhouses, potted plants, flower beds, and small lawn areas. The in-app use provides extensive coverage to all the areas that may not have access to in-ground irrigation systems.

Amazing Features

WIth Alkaline battery operation, this tap timer comes with a red light low battery blinker. It has a rain delay system for seven days which helps in conserving water during inclement weather. It comes with a built-in manual push-button that allows irrigation of your favorite plants and gardens for up to one hour with an automatic shut-off system.

It has a cycling mode that helps keep the drip irrigation in place and the germination of seeds. The hose faucet helps you stay out of the shrubs and fences yet keep them properly moist. The Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer has two irrigation modes along with two start timers each to schedule the watering of your laws, plants, and nurseries.

Final Words

Hence, this is one product that you should have to keep the lawn moist and properly irrigated without having to worry about turning on and off the tap; rather, do it with the tap of your finger. Leave those worries about the pool filling aside because the Hunter BTT Bluetooth tap timer will do the job for you. Reuse the dirty pool water to irrigate your lawns, nurseries rather than letting it evaporate.