Evangelos Marinakis: A Profile

Evangelos Marinakis was born in Greece in 1967, in the port city of Piraeus. His father, Miltiadis Marinakis, was a prominent member of the global shipping industry, owning a fleet of ships. He was also a respected member of the Greek Parliament and a financial supporter of the football club Olympiacos F.C.

Evangelos Marinakis experienced an international education, gaining both a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects at the American International University in London. Upon completing his tertiary education, Marinakis followed in the footsteps of his father and entered the shipping industry.

The career of Marinakis began at the Capital Ship Management Corporation, where he worked from 1992 to 2005. During his time here, Marinakis acted as the Commercial Manager for the company and was instrumental in growing several businesses that would later form part of his own company.

Capital Maritime & Trading Corporation was founded by Evangelos Marinakis in 2005 and has grown to become a prominent global shipping organisation. The company manages an impressive fleet which includes dry bulk carriers, tankers, and container ships.

Evangelos Marinakis is one of the most respected and renowned names in the shipping industry today. This has been recognised by his inclusion in both Tradewinds’ ‘Power 100 List of Top Shipowners and Operators’ and Lloyd’s List’s ‘100 Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry’.

Shipping is not the only area in which the career of Evangelos Marinakis has mirrored that of his father. In 2010, he purchased the football club his father had long supported, Olympiacos F.C. He would later go on to acquire English football club Nottingham Forest F.C. in 2017.  In 2014, Marinakis was elected as a member of the city council of his hometown of Piraeus and has been working on plans to improve standards of living throughout the city, upgrade essential infrastructure, and attract more tourists.

Evangelos Marinakis has leveraged his privileged position many times in philanthropic ways, giving generously to local causes and striving to have a positive impact on society. He has personally helped to create jobs and fund redevelopment in Piraeus, donated thousands of euros to charity to help eliminate the national debt of Greece, and been awarded several times in recognition of his work to protect the environment and embed sustainability throughout his business practices.

Under the leadership of Marinakis, Olympiacos F.C. established a partnership with UNICEF to help immunise children in some of the poorest areas of the world.