Why Video Conferencing With iMind is the Future of Distant Work

The main reason why video conferencing became so popular was the instant necessity. COVID-19 hit the world so unexpectedly that people started to do their best to save their jobs. But when the dangers of the pandemic passed through (more or less), it turned out that online meetings provide unseen comforts. What do iMind reviews say about the platform’s features, and which makes it so comfortable and relevant?

The Main Advantages of iMind

The iMind platform is one of the best for remote communication for work or private purposes. It is mainly applicable to business needs, and the whole system is created to provide a seamless workflow. The core benefits that make this platform a reliable one are:

  • It’s easy to manage and use by any person. The interface is intuitive and not overloaded, while the main algorithms require only 2 to 4 steps to perform.
  • It provides high-quality connection and communication. You can set the video in HD quality, profit from background noise elimination, and even set the volume of the attendees in a conference. 
  • It’s versatile. You can download both desktop and mobile apps if you need to use the platform regularly. If you need a platform for a one-time case or do not want to install it for any other reason, use it from the website. 
  • It allows for advanced information exchange. Screen display by several people concurrently, recording the conferences (then storing and sharing), media streaming, and online chat in advanced plans.

All these points make the app the one that deserves attention. Today, it stands at the same lines as the well-known Zoom or old-as-gold Skype. 

Platform Options to Choose From

The solution provides four options for different companies to use for business purposes:

  • free usage is suggested for individuals or very small teams;
  • the pro option is more convenient for small teams because it gives a little more opportunities for professional usage and removes the basic limits (URLs, recording storage, etc.);
  • the business plan is the best for small companies (live streaming and custom settings become available);
  • the enterprise variant is the most advanced.

Each plan is balanced according to the reasonable requirements coming out from collective experience. 

The more people want to keep their workflow seamless and productive, the more they are interested in a reliable video conferencing platform to hold their meetings through. Try iMind to realize it is a contemporary solution for business people who appreciate their time and resources!