4 Reasons to Choose a Double-Decker Stall to Ace in Any Trade Show

While developing a strategy for a trade show, companies usually spend a lot of time planning the stalls. It is crucial since the stands are the core elements of any such event. With so many booths in a show, you need something special to stand out from the rest. Using visual elements to make your stall appealing is the most common way to do that. But you can also consider using structural aspects like having double-deck exhibition stands.

Double-deck booths are visible from long distances. It will help your brand stand out from all the single-story stalls at the expo. That is why getting two-story trade show rental booths for the next events makes complete sense. But better height and visibility are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of a double-deck exhibition stand. Here are some more.

Better Customer Engagement

Footfall is a vital factor in measuring the success of any trade show. You can do all the marketing you need, and it is crucial. But in the end, it also depends on accessibility. Despite putting in all the marketing efforts, the visitors will not come to your stall if it is not easily accessible.

A double-deck booth lets you attract more visitors by promoting your brand on a two-story stand. You also get more space and time to communicate with your audience, which helps long-term remembrance.

Moreover, with Covid-19 restrictions, it is even more beneficial to have a double-deck stall. It will enable you to promote social distancing at the expo. Hence, the visitors get a sense that your brand cares for them, helping to build long-lasting relationships.

Maximize on Investments

Renting a space in any expo can be costly. If you want to display more products, you need to rent more space, costing you a fortune. Alternatively, you can rent a small space and use a two-story booth to double the room you get.

You can use this extra space to showcase more products or for activities. Gamifying is one of the best ways to increase visitor engagement. You can use different ways to gamify the event, such as conducting quizzes, scavenger hunts, contests, etc. It will help with more extended brand recall.

Besides gamification, you can also use the extra space to provide product demos. For instance, you can use technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) to immerse the visitors in a simulated world to experience products’ use.

Get Creative Freedom

You get limited creativity options with a single-story stand. A simple, relatable example is of using graphics. Everyone is aware of the importance of graphics to enhance visual appeal. But a standard booth does not give you a lot of options to explore due to limited wall space.

A double-deck stand gives you more space so that you can try and execute different graphic options. You can have graphics that can go from one story to another or a more extensive logo for better recall. You can also feature better lighting and sound, which can again help your brand stand out from the rest.

Create Isolated Space

Communicating with an attendee can be challenging at an expo. It is because Trade shows are susceptible to frequent announcements, chattering among visitors, and music. Finding an ideal, distraction-free environment in such a scenario is challenging.

Double-deck stands let you create an isolated place within the trade show to facilitate better communication. You can use the upper story for explaining and demonstrating the products to potential customers. It will help you isolate leads from the general crowd for better engagement.

You can also utilize the upper deck for presentations and intense discussions about your products. Use large displays and create product demo setups to have personalized conversations with potential long-term customers.

But you cannot turn away casual visitors as they might become your customers someday. After all, everyone is a potential client. By isolating leads on the upper story, you can use the ground floor to welcome casual visitors who want to learn about your products, creating a happy, welcoming environment.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of a double-deck stall are tempting. You can use it to get all the advantages mentioned in the post and many more. But it does not mean you should jump on the bandwagon without ample research.

Deciding between a single or two-story booth depends on several factors. For instance, you should consider space and height limitations, safety, stability, regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, etc., before making a decision. But a double-story stand is always a great alternative you should consider for acing in any trade show.