Scarborough has the most expensive gardener rates in the country, new research reveals

Scarborough has the most expensive gardener rates in the country, new research reveals

While the cold of winter currently keeps us wrapped up indoors, many Brits stay warm with thoughts of summer barbecues, parties in the sunshine, and eating al fresco.


Yet, come springtime, we typically find that our gardens are in no shape to host any sort of fun in the sun. In these cases, should we turn to a professional for help or roll our sleeves up and get stuck in ourselves?


Reflecting on this question, Simply Paving analysed hundreds of gardeners’ rates across the country to see where both the most expensive and cheapest professional garden services are available.


The research found that Scarborough has the highest gardener rates in the UK.


Generally, those living in the Yorkshire seaside town spend £400 on average for a professional gardener’s daily rate. This is more than double (104%)  the national average for gardener day rates (£196).


Sourced from, the data analysed of gardeners’ daily rates in locations all across the UK. An average price was then generated for each location, which was then used to calculate the cheapest and most expensive regions for gardeners.


Simply Paving also found that Redcar & Cleveland in the North East has the lowest professional gardener prices in the country, averaging at £77 per day.


The regional analysis tells a different story, however. Greater London, not Scarborough’s Yorkshire, stands apart as the most expensive region to hire a gardener, costing on average £249 per day. 


At the opposite end of the spectrum, Northern Ireland residents enjoy the cheapest average gardener rates in the UK, only paying £152 per day – 22% cheaper than the average national daily rate.

Simply Paving also compared the average prices of individual garden jobs across the UK, including general garden maintenance, high-pressure jet washes, and installing paving for a patio or garden path.


The research found that gardening services based in the East Midlands charge the most for these popular jobs. 


Notably, gardeners in this region charge 21% more than the national average for installing paving (£306). Even general garden maintenance (£62 on average) is relatively expensive in the East Midlands, priced up at £11 more than the national average (£51).


The data also shows that Yorkshire & Humber is the cheapest region for garden maintenance, jet washing, and paving installation, priced up at an average of £40, £87 and £238, respectively. 


In fact, Yorkshire & Humber is the only region in the UK to offer jet washing services for less than £100 per session. 


Here are some top tips to help you maintain your own garden:

  •  Ensure you have the correct equipment for your garden: Trimming, digging and pruning becomes all the more difficult without the right gear for each job.
  •  Plant low-maintenance flowers: If the thought of constant garden care is too exhausting, fill your garden with flora that requires minimal effort to flourish, such as lavender, geraniums, and daffodils.
  •  Use soapy water to clean your patio: While jet washing can offer a satisfyingly deep clean, this cleaning method is not suitable for all types of paving slabs. Thankfully, simple soapy water is sometimes enough to tackle tough stains that accumulated over winter.
  •  Lay paving slabs by yourself: Even some of the bigger garden jobs are achievable via DIY. There are many helpful online resources to guide you step-by-step through the process. Thanks to these, you can easily save hundreds of pounds.



“Spring is a time to get our gardens ready for the warm weather of the summer months; for the parties and barbecues in the glorious sunshine.


“When spring comes, most people have a choice to either hire a professional, do the work themselves or even a combination of the two. A little bit of DIY can save you a pretty penny and allow you to shape your garden to your specific tastes, while hiring a professional gardener can help you save time and make use of their impressive landscaping expertise.


“Whatever you choose, it’s always so satisfying when you turn your ragged winter garden into a stunning summer paradise.”


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