Day of The Dead Themed NFT Collection Los Muertos Surges Ahead

The hotly anticipated NFT collection Los Muertos released on April 5th 2022 and has been storming ahead ever since. The collection sold out in 28 seconds and attracted 5400 buyers.


Los Muertos is unlike any other NFT collection seen before. Lead designer Kseniia created 700 hand-drawn and highly detailed individual traits which were randomised with a variety of different backgrounds to create an amazing collection.
 With an initial cost of around $60, the average value of a Los Muertos NFT is now over $1500. 


The developers immediately re-invested all the initial sales revenue back into the project, acquiring 30 NFT Worlds which they have staked with revenues being handed back to the community.


These actions haven’t gone unnoticed. Sales have been consistently flooding in and now over $15million worth of Los Muertos NFTs have been traded. 


With a Metaverse now fully released, the future is looking bright for Los Muertos.

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