EZVIZ fills market void by launching the brand-new LC3 Wall-Light Camera, integrating smart lighting and vigilant camera in one gadget

The LC3 leads the connected home market towards versatile function and high technology, featuring picture-perfect 2K­­+ resolution, build-in eMMC storage and other premium functions.


EZVIZ, a leading innovator in smart home security, has furthered its endeavor to contribute to a safer and more comfortable lifestyle with the launch of its first outdoor smart security Wall-Light Camera, the LC3. Users will enjoy custom outdoor lighting at home while knowing they’re protected by top-in-class security technologies. For those who look for additional peace-of-mind by building a home alarm system, the LC3 is a must-see option.


Integrating a brightness-adjustable floodlight and a powerful 4MP security camera, the LC3 features remote control over lighting and camera management. It also features AI-powered human shape detection, active defense, and two-way communication to watch over outdoor spaces such as front entrances, patios and various walkways.


A wall lamp by appearance, the LC3 provides pleasant, energy-saving lighting of up to 700-lumen. Users will appreciate easy control using the EZVIZ App, where they can set up time schedules to light up their arrival at home, or adjust the brightness to customize the ambience. With its well-balanced, compact design, the LC3 was designed to harmonize with any home environment for convenience and fun. The wall lamp is also a vigilant guard, working with a loud siren to deter an unwelcome visitor detected by the build-in AI chips.


A security camera at its core, the LC3 is likely to deliver superior performance compared to many traditional security products on the market today. With 2K+ resolution on the screen, a large f2.3 aperture, 157-degree pan & tilt viewing angle and night vision of up to 10 meters (approx. 33 feet), the LC3 renders sharp images even in dim light. Even better, the LC3 provides extra support to late-night surveillance thanks to its color night vision feature.


Embedded with a 32 GB eMMC, the LC3 frees users from extra money on expensive storage cards. The product is further supported by EZVIZ CloudPlay, which offers unlimited, secure cloud storage space upon service subscription.


The global smart home market size is expected to grow with great momentum to reach USD 135.3 billion by 2025, estimated by MarketsandMarkets, a leading strategy company. It is believed that comprehensive smart home upgrade and scalable smart system application are at the core demand of tech-savvy generations. The LC3 is EZVIZ’s latest attempt to transform traditional, ordinary home appliances to be intuitive, interactive and intelligent, which also contributes to the future of tech-empowered smart living with interconnected products and systems.


“The LC3 is part of our continuous attempt to transform everyday home appliance into a smart home security gadget,” said Dennis Larsson, Business Development Manager Nordics. “Many people will find it both interesting and satisfying to enjoy smart lighting controls along with a flexible security camera.”



Established in 2013, EZVIZ dedicates itself to creating a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, advanced AI technologies and cloud services. Driven by relentless innovations, EZVIZ has developed an extensive product portfolio along with a growing service landscape, benefitting millions of families and small businesses across the globe. As an industry leader in smart living, EZVIZ also empowers partners with its inclusive, evolving cloud platform, so as to build a thriving IoT ecosystem in joint effort.


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