Getting Smarter: Tips to Streamline Business Processes In Time of COVID-19

As the Coronavirus spreads, it becomes much more critical for business leaders to find ways to streamline business processes. Technology has a vital role in helping you navigate your way through all of the different aspects of marketing, conducting business and communicating with your employees and customers.

Cloud File Storage

Employees inside of your organization may also have a need to share files. This is why you should increase your productivity by setting up cloud storage that can be shared. When employees are working on projects together, it becomes much easier to share these files when they can instantly be uploaded and shared in the cloud. This is also much more secure than sending files back and forth through email.

People that are trying to work from home are going to benefit greatly from the cloud storage. They can complete projects and upload documents that others can look at without being in the same workspace.

It is essential to realize the value of cloud storage for redundancy as well. Employees no longer have to depend on a single copy of a document that may be stored on a hard drive at work. This system could easily crash. When the data is stored in the cloud, however, there is no fear of losing information even during a pandemic.

Digital Documents Options

It works to your advantage to consider an esignature solution (aka Digital signature) for business documents that require signatures. This is a great way to increase efficiency inside of any business organization. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to waste money on postage or putting documents in the mail. This is a time-consuming process that makes everything take longer.

You can get your documents signed quickly by emailing electronic documents to your customers or employees. Whoever has to sign a document inside of your organization will be able to do it quickly even if they do not have software that creates these types of documents.

 Video Conference

Once you start establishing a way for more people to sign a document, you can also look for the options that you have to improve communication by engaging in video conferencing.

Your productivity level is going to be much higher when you do not have to waste the time of your employees with travelling to a centralized location. If you have people in different geographical areas, you are going to be able to conduct the meeting much quicker than you would in person. Putting video conferencing to work can help you have multiple meetings without spending a lot of time in transit.


Many offices around the world have closed as a result of the Coronavirus. The ability to establish a VPN connection makes it much easier for companies to streamline their business processes. You are going to be able to get more done when you give your employees the ability to access the work environment outside of the physical workspace.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A lot of companies have started to implement multi-factor authentication to create a more secure environment for employees. If you are a business leader that is worried about a data breach, it may be time for you to look into options to put the multi-factor authentication in place during the Coronavirus pandemic.

While the COVID-19 cases are growing all over the world, it makes sense for you to look at ways that you can get users to authenticate their identity through their email addresses and cell phones. This gives employees the opportunity to create a secure tunnel with the VPN connection and work from home.

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