Choose the Best Motivational Speaker to Inspire Your Teams

Business experts already know that there is a strong link between motivation and business success. Earlier, motivation at workplaces followed the carrot and the stick philosophy, but that has greatly changed today. These days, businesses are more focused on building a bond of trust with the employees.

There has also been a generational shift in the workplace, that also convinced business leaders that the key factors that shape motivation need to evolve. Employees today have very different ideas on what being happy and fulfilled means. For Baby Boomers, money and title might have been the most important things. Millennials on the other hand, feel motivated through personal development opportunities. They also require a certain degree of flexibility at work, and monetary rewards serve as a major source of inspiration as well. For Gen Z, there is another generational shift. They believe in the positive impact they can have at work, as well as in the world. Being flexible is also important to them.

With motivation speakers from Speaker Agency UK, you can inspire your employees, no matter what generation they belong to.

Who Is a Motivation Speaker?

A motivation speaker is someone who knows how to inspire the audience. They understand that motivational speaking can be extremely important in helping businesses reach their business goals. When employees are focused on self-improvement and motivated, they can better help the business they work for find success.

Motivation speakers can teach the audience about leadership, about teamwork, and even personal development. They can help employees become more positive, and can also help them gain the confidence to try public speaking for themselves. Motivation speakers know what it takes to inspire people, and use that skill to help people and businesses reach their goals.

Who Are the Motivation Speakers That You Should Book?

At Speaker Agency, you can find multiple motivation speakers, each specializing in different fields, but all capable of inspiring people and businesses. Here are five motivation speakers for you to consider for your next event.

1. Paula Reid

Paula is an inspirational business speaker, an adventurer, as well as an author. She has worked as a trainer, a coach, a speaker, as well as a facilitator. She enjoys inspiring others, from school children all the way to leadership teams. She is also well known as an adventurer, and had sailed around the world. She has also gone skiing at the South Pole.

She has written four books and often speaks at international conferences, charities, and also schools. She has over twenty years of experience as a leader, a coach, and a consultant. She believes in making work enjoyable and engaging for the employees. She has a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching and knows how important it is to have a positive approach to life.

Through her keynote speeches, she has talked about resilience, performance in extreme conditions, going knowingly into the unknown, and a lot more. If you want to inspire the audience and build positivity among employees, then consider booking Paula.

2. Silvia Garcia

Silvia used to be the International Marketing Director and the President of the Happiness Institute at Coca Cola. During her time at Coca Cola, she studied how positive as well as negative emotions can influence the decisions that people make. She has over twenty years of experience working in C-suite positions. She has worked in communications, marketing and management, across 198 countries.

Her clients include multinational companies such as AXA, Lilly, Bayer, Morning Star and Google. She also works for local organizations as well. With her help, the businesses she worked for saw an increase in their sales, and could attract as well as keep more customers.

She is a worldwide leader when it comes to happiness at work and is invited to the United Nations each year to talks about the happiness level of the world. Through her keynote speeches, she has talked about programming the mind for happiness and success, how happiness can be changed even at work, the future of work, and more. To book a world renowned happiness expert for your next event, look no further than Silvia.

3. Martha Barnard-Rae

Martha is the founder and CEO of World Candy. She is a copywriter, a TEDx speaker, and also a business owner. She is also a feminist scholar and one of the hosts of the podcast ‘The One That Works For You’.

She is sought after for speaking on topics like business ownership that is values based and neurodiversity. She has also spoken on branding and the importance of clear communication, bias in the workplace, and more.

Through her keynote speeches, she has spoken on values-based businesses, the business of neurodiversity, and more. Help your audience learn about self improvement, positivity and reaching their goals, with Martha.

4. Lee Chambers

Lee is a psychologist and an expert on inclusion and wellbeing. He is also the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. He helps inspire audiences using his journey to success as an example.

Essentialise, which he founded, is a wellbeing and inclusion agency, which has various prestigious clients. He is also an author, and wrote ‘Millennials Guide To Wellness’. He is passionate about motivational speaking and enjoys weaving stories into his talks, to help inspire the audience. Through his keynote speeches, he has talked about the future of workplace wellbeing, black mental health, male allyship, and more.

To hire a speaker who can help the audience learn about self improvement, about reaching success, as well as on the importance of personal development, consider Lee Chambers.

5. Louis Weinstock

Louis is a social entrepreneur, a psychotherapist, as well as an author. He mainly works with children, and can help people find their inner children as well. He has worked for more than twenty years in guiding children as well as adults through the challenges life has thrown at them.

He also co-founded Apart of Me, which is a charity that helps children who are dealing with trauma. His book, ‘How The World Is Making Our Children Mad, And What To Do About It’, was recently published. He has also been featured on the BBC, ITV, and has also appeared in the Guardian. Help your audience learn how to find their inner children, reach their goals, and set the foundations of success, with Louis.

Booking Motivation Speakers From The Speaker Agency

The Speaker Agency has various motivation speakers for you to consider for your next event. To book a motivation speaker, simply get in touch with us either by sending an email or contacting us via calling us. You can also head directly to the profile page of the motivation speaker that you want to hire, and click on ‘enquire’.

Motivation speakers can help businesses as well as individuals learn how to reach their goals, stay inspired, and build on their success.