Spring Cleaning Your Drains and Sewers

With Spring and Summer on the way you probably are getting ready for the warmer months ahead! (We know we certainly are!) You are probably getting your garden ready for outdoor entertaining and we are only guessing here but it may feel like your to do list is never going to end. 

When you think of Spring cleaning the first thing you may want to put at the top of your list is to clean the house and this is fine but when you do this it is important to think about the ins and outs of your home and the things that keep everything working as it should, this includes your sewers and your drains. 

Sewers and drains often get neglected as it is a case of out of site, out of mind but with a busy Spring and Summer schedule ahead so now is the perfect time to look and sort out your drainage and sewage now so that it doesn’t cause you a more significant issue or a significant cost in the future. 

Preventing Bigger Issues In The Future 

It is so important to take proper care of your drains right the way through your home from your kitchen to your bathroom and even outside too. Clogged drains are usually the most common issue in households but this can be prevented. We would like to break it down by room and speak about how you can take care of your home from the inside out. 


When it comes to the kitchen the most common cause of a blocked drain will come from yourself or family members not scraping their plates properly. Before you start piling your dishes into the sink to clean them, make sure you scrape any large amounts of food into the bin before starting otherwise this food will end up in your drains and will more than likely clog your sink which no one wants. Food can actually expand in the sink too which overtime can cause some major damage.


We have all been through it, the gross clump of hair that you have to pull out of the shower drain, well the changes are that this isn’t even the half of it and a lot more of the problem could be further down the drains. To prevent this, you could invest in a hair catcher to prevent this problem in the future but for the meantime it may be best to call in the professionals to clear the problem for good. 


Outdoor drains are usually the ones which are forgotten about the most, simply because half of the year during the colder months you might not even be going outside to see them. You should try and locate your outdoor plumbing, inspect then and ensure that there are no leaks, frips or roots growing and invading them. If there is, it might be time to call the professionals to prevent further damage and cost in the future. 

Resist A DIY Job 

Those unclogging products that you see in the supermarket contain a lot of harsh chemicals which will clear your drains but only temporarily. Sometimes they can even result in more significant damage down the line. It is always better to find the source of the problem and to have a professional find the solution as a lot of DIY fixes can cause water or sewage in other areas of the home. 

Do I Need A CCTV Survey? 

If you are having recurring drain or sewage issues, the next step in the process will be a CCTV survey. You will usually know you need this if: 

  • You have recurring clogs 
  • You live in an old home with aging pipes
  • You have pipe issues which are cropping up all over your property
  • You have a backed up sewer line.
  • You have a bad smell coming from your home or your garden

If you are experiencing a problem with your drain which is recurring or you are buying a home and just want that added peace of mind that the drainage system is in working order before you say, “Yes” and sign any contracts. Trent Drains can help! Trent Drains provide solutions for blocked drains in Bristol, amongst a wide range of services and are happy to help you get your home back to normal in no time at all.

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